XP Changes The Order Of The Songs I Want To Burn

Has anybody else run into this. I select a list of mp3 files to burn. They are numbered, say 1 to 12. When I look at the list in Nero, number 12 is first, then 1 thru 11. Somehow XP puts the last song first. If I want them in order, I have to manually move the top file down to the bottom.

I’ve seen this also in Windows Media Player. I select a list of tracks to play. Again, the last one is put at the top and plays first.

Anybody know how to fix this?

No, but it’s a know bug in how Explorer handles drag-and-drop of multiple files, putting the last item first in the list.

How are you selecting the songs? This wouldn’t be a case of you mistakenly dragging the last song to the top as you are going to highlight all the tracks could it?

Due to the quantity of mp3 songs available on a disc, you need to use a three number system. The first song is 001. This is the way stand alone players recognize them also.