Xp cdr big problemz!



hi boyz!
sorry x my english

i have a big problem! i have a 29160 with 2 atlas 10k2, a plextor ultraplex 40x cdrom, a waitec t-rex 16x10x40x cdrw, a pionner dvd 303 all the drives are scsi.

xp recognize my drives but the ultraplex can read only at 16x and the t-rex when it copying cd flas continuosly the burnprof led so i take 30 min to copy 1 cd ( on win2k only 4 min! )

any suggestion? thanks:eek:


Originally posted by Emilex
Oh before do this, make sure you set all the ATAPI (CD-ROM/RW/DVD) devices as “Not Installed” in your BIOS basic configuration.

If you do this … performance will be about half of what it should be … at least if you have a DVD drive … meaning when reading/ripping DVD’s


enable “disconnect” feature for your scsi units
can be useful.
be sure for proper termination.
check for latest bios for reader .

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