XP Burning Utility - Wont Recognise Blank Disc

I’m using WinXP Home and have being using the built in burning software with no problems until recently. Now when I go to burn the files to a disc I get an error message saying, ‘there is no disc in drive D please insert a writable CD’ Well obviously there is a blank writable disc in there and it is the same media I always use.

I then tried using Nero just incase it was something to do with the Liteon writer I have. Nero burned the files with no problem. Now obviously Nero is a far better utility and I can get round the problem by using Nero instead. However I am very curious to know why this has happened. I’ve checked the setup of the writer under properties and its properly selected.

The only thing on the PC I’ve changed recently is the user settings. My user profile would not load due to an error and I ended up with default settings. So I deleted my old profile and created a new one, copying over my old files. I noticed that I also had to re enter my internet connection settings. Now I’m wondering what other settings may have changed that have affected the burning utility?

I’ve searched around Google and the Microsoft knowledge base and although I’ve seen posts where people have had a similar problem I haven’t found any answers. Maybe someone here can help.

Much appreciated,
Rotherz :slight_smile:

The built in cd burner is complete crap and i suggest not using it or disabling it.
Try making a .iso file with MagicISO www.magiciso.com then burning it with the standalone magiciso burner, which comes with magiciso.

I was having this same issue…I fixed it by going into local group policy on the machine and navigating to: LocalComputer\computer config\windows settings\security settings\local policies\security options on the right pane, look for: Devices: Restrict CD-Rom Access to Locally Logged on Users.
Set this to Disabled. Reboot and try again.

Hi I have the same problem but dont know where to enter the
LocalComputer\computer config\windows settings\security settings\local policies\security options

How on earth do I get into that? I have winXP

many thanks in advance

CT :bow: