Xp Boot W/Floppy Emulation From CD

see edit about linux - last post :wink:

I thought of that also, if that where the problem… Pressing F7 while the first floppy image on cd one would disable that function of the APCI… mostly for the energy saving features of any normal system board. Then you’d think the second imaged cd from floppy 2 would just take off and run… since we disabled the function of APCI… that didnt work either.


I don’t know if the HP has a diff F - but F5 is used to choose the HAL (ACPI - or not)… see THIS

and having XP on there “originally” means it’s already got an APIC onboard, to handle the extra 8 interrupts

Before we go much farther with the F’keys… I’d still have to be able to Fully boot into Xp… not just from the first copied imaged floppy #1 … This would be something I’d be interested in checking out if I could get farther than copied imaged floppy #1.

is there any other softwares that copy a image from a floppy drive to make an ISO… OTHER than…
Nu2 - DD.exe

any ideas?


i guess you havnt read my posts 8 & 9 , have a look at em believe me it will solve the problem and youll be able to install xp

Yeah phil I’ll give it a Go this afternoon… got alittle side tracked with other work in the shop… someone else laptop needed to be tore down. then had to repair the power connector, ya know… blah blah blah… Let ya know what I come up with …


Search the net for Hiren’s BootCD. Latest version is 7.3, but you’ll want 6.0 also.

This is a bootable DIAG CD ISO image.

Also, you can make a bootable floppy from WinXP and then use UltraISO to load the boot info into a image file and then burn to CD.


Sorry to bring up an old post but I am having the same problem as tekkenm2000. The laptop in question is an hp pavilion zt1230.

I followed Phil’s advice made the win98 boot disk put it on a cd used nero to burn it I also put the i386 folder on the cd but when xp starts to install I get the End User License Agreement (EULA) error.

So does anyone know how to get around this?

Thanks a bunch