Xp Boot W/Floppy Emulation From CD

Okay Here Goes…

I Have a HP-Laptop that will only boot from floppy Emulation. will not boot from USB floppy (dunno why) I’ve been trying to emulate the floppies from the winxp floppy boot disks to Cd, but have been unsuccesful.

  • Basicly the first floppy works as far as emulation goes… , but when going to the next Disk # 2 :: it cant find it. I’ve tried all sorts of things to get this to work.
    Like: naming the file folder 102, the header of the cd DISK102, putting the contents on the cd with all the above and making a file fold DISK102.

I need to be able to boot from floppy emulation with xp… this is the only thing this ghey laptop will allow me to do.
if anyone has some kinda idea’s on how this can be done… please let me know.

just need the cd to use floppy emulation to boot the cd and run the xp setup and install xp… if i could figure out how to get the first part to go, im sure i could get the install part done.


wanna try to help , but I’m confused - what is it exactly that you’re trying to accomplish ?
I could start guesing, but that would require too much energy.
why not just boot from cd ?
do you want to install the OS only ?

Booting from the cd would be great, except that It would have to use “Floppy emulation”, for some reason this laptop dont like to use NON-emulation boot. Which normal XP cd’s use.
Yes, I want to load the OS back onto the laptop… only if I could make a cd that used “Floppy emulation” to boot Xp startup files.


ok – still trying to ascertain why you need ‘floppy emulation’ - but allow me to make a few points;

  • any legitimate version of XP will boot from CD
  • usually the way a PC boots to CD is to change the Boot Order Priority in the BIOS (F1, F2, F10, or Del key, etc to enter BIOS setup).

HP’s are r-e-a-l proprietary in the way they have their stuff setup (HP/Compaq) and perhaps I’m missing some proprietary type "lock’ or OEM setup , that blocks certain normal routines from running, or even being accessed. I just don’t know all there is to know about all diff OEMs.

I know some IBMs laptops even have HDD password locks (not a BIOS password, which can be defeated) and if this HDD passw. is lost …nobody can access the system, through the usual haxor bypassing means. Only IBM can unlock it (done as a laptop theft protection feature they say)

Is this a “Newer” HP laptop ?

Also - OEMs use a “restore partition” many times to place the OS Boot files on, and a System Image file (ISO) and even the actual BIOS code may reside ‘on the HDD’ - all this, in a hidden partition/s on the HDD

They issue you (or require you to actually make your own from an ISO file) - a “Restore CD” – this CD contains special OEM code that checks whether or not the PC/laptop is actually it’s Brand (OEM). Dell does this too. I think they ALL do it.

ok – there’s more - but I thought I’d start guessing, and just throwing out random info about OEMs , b/c I still don’t understand why it needs any ‘floppy emulation’.

Have you wiped the Partitions already ? (Is the HDD Clean now ?)

Here’s an example of some “floppy emulation”
note ; this is meant only as an example - to be able to flash the BIOS from a CD (for PC/Laptop without a floppy access or drive) - rather than having to use a floppy disk.

Also - some BIOSes may be set to “Enable legacy USB support” - so atleast any usb Keys and usb Mice will work already before the OS loads.

Can you post atleast the Model of the HP laptop and relative Year of Manu ??
this will help cutting down on a lotof speculation

The Xp PRO Cd is Good It Uses Non-Emulation Boot, correct?
okay, the laptop is a P.O.S. hp pavilion zt1230, Which doing some searching on the subject; have found that others also had the same problem.

yeah, i know about how to get into the bios of the laptop, and that has nothing to do with anything. it also has nothing to do with it being locked or whatever else it was you said.

point being, i still need the xp cd to boot from floppy emulation instead of non-emulation. like i said before, which the laptop does not like nor want to boot up on… just tells me the ntldr was not found. IF i use a image from floppy disk one, burn it to a CD, it will read and start to load. however, it will not go past DISK101. B/C it cant find floppy #2 … I’ve tried quiet a few things to make that work.
I do know how to make a XP CD With non-emulation Boot, But what I DONT know how to do… is make one with FLOPPY emulation and have it setup XP.

Even if i could update the bios of this POS, I would jump on it. I would see if that could help me out somewhat. Since HP dont have anything of the sort or I just couldnt find it. I’m pretty much back to square one.


Can’t you change the boot up device to CDRom in the BIOS then you can boot from the cd, no floppies needed.

Sorry if what i’ve said is crap info. and not what your wanting.

Yes, I Can… No, It Wont boot from a "NON-EMULATED BOOT CD (Ie WINDOWS XP PRO) "
or i would have done that in the first place, this is what ive been tring to do for the last 3 - one week of fun!

the floppies that xp makes contains 6 floppies - if i could have those 6 floppies on one cd and have xp see those 6 floppies with out any problems… i could install XP. BUT! only floppy #1 will read and start , afterward floppy #2 cant be found.

now, if i had a way to emulate a floppy xp boot … i would have it made.
No, i cant use a USB floppy drive… it dont work either.

BTW I installed Windows ME, and it disapears. Go figure!


what do you mean disapears? you might wanna check your hd with the manufacturer diagnostic software also get ubcd click here and scan with mcafee/fprot may be a virus , as for the original issue get 98se bootdisk click here DO NOT save it to a floppy diskete save it to your hd and run it to create the diskete when done access it via “my computer” and edit autoexec.bat add this line:
and save anyway boot from it select “start computer with cdrom support” you can use “format c:” to format the drive if its a fat32 file system or the windows setup ,for ntfs file system only the windows setup the format command will not work , next step insert the winxp cd and get into the optical drive by typing letter: and enter youll see the letter when the diskete will boot type these commands hit enter after each:
cd i386

now windows xp setup will load , installing it this way may take longer then usual

oops from what i just noticed your bios dont support booting from the usb floppy

get virtual floppy drive
and winimage http://www.winimage.com/download.htm
run vfd goto “driver” tab and click “start” goto “drive0” tab and click “open” click “create” now you have virtual floppy a: drive run that bootdisk as in previous post to get it done to the virtual diskete and add that smartdrv line… then run winimage goto disk>>read disk and file>>save as
change “save as rype” to *.IMA and save or alternativly use the “save” function on vfd at “Drive0” tab and save as .ima cant tell how well that will work as i havnt tried the save function & burning the image with it yet but i had good expirence with winimage , anyway after image all saved run nero (not the express) a new compliation window will popup select “cd-rom boot” goto “boot” tab and select “image file” and click “browse” and select the .ima image click “new” and just burn or alternativly copy the i386 folder from the winxp cd to your hard drive and add it to it , anyway burn it and it will boot fine then do as i said in previous reply and eject the bootdisc and put the winxp one instead unless you added the i386 folder to it

editi forgot you have a usb floppy for a moment guess you can use it over the virtual one

Nero will allow you to make a Bootable cd with floppy emulation. You’re own your own on what to do or if you need some external files as I have never tried it.

If you use the wizard just scroll down the left window until you see the icon for CD-rom(boot). It will then bring up the Boot tab and then select the image file and you’ll see it says floppy boot 1.44mb. Don’t know if it wants a specific label like XP cd does.

Have you tried this ?

Changing the Boot Device

The notebook normally boots from its internal hard disk. You can also boot the notebook from a
floppy disk drive (optional accessory), the CD/DVD drive, or a local area network (LAN).

  1. Restart the notebook: click Start, Turn Off Computer, Restart.
  2. When the HP logo appears, press Esc to display the Boot menu.
  3. Use the arrow keys to select the boot device, and press Enter.

Tek, what you’re trying to do cannot work, even if you found a way to get disk #2 to be recognized and read, the six disk set of xp setup floppies are for installing xp on a clean system and only on a clean system. You have ME installed. The setup will throw an error and won’t continue when it sees ME.

You didn’t respond to the suggestion to check the ‘USB legacy support’ option in cmos setup. Do you have that enabled?

Did you read the info about how to create an xp product disk with floppy boot emulation? You can get an xp boot disk by following the links at bootdisk.com.

HP doesn’t have a bios upgrade for that laptop. If anyone does, it will be esupport.com… a custom bios that you buy. Hint, don’t jump on the first offer, they come down in price about 2 weeks later in another email. :iagree:

Since the laptop doesn’t work anyway, you have nothing to lose by wiping the hd clean. You can find utilities to do that [zap]. But know that zap will remove any oem’s hidden partitions.

You need a special boot disk to make this work. As I say, get it from bootdisk.com or from one of their links.

And before I forget, booting from a cd with floppy emulation causes your drive letters to advance. The cd boot image itself becomes drive A:, your floppy drive becomes B:, I wouldn’t be surprised if C: and D: also advanced.

Let us know what you’ve tried, especially the usb legacy support in setup.

Edited: What might be worth a try is to make a bootable cd with floppy emulation from the first of the six setup disks, adding the files on the disk , then burn the five other floppies’ files to five other cd’s. It doesn’t matter that it calls for the next one to be inserted in Drive A:, since A: won’t be the floppy drive. The cdrom drive is going to BE Drive A.

That’s after the hd is wiped clean.

Custer, responding to your writting.

Well, Im not worried about the Xp being on a Clean Install… nor am i Worried about formating the Hard drive w/ NTFS… There is only one partion on the 20Gb Drive. Since I’ve already formated more than 5x just to see if i could load other OS’s… Heres the Scoop on what happen and my final thought.

  1. Windows 98SE - Installed to the point of Adding things to the start menu, where the notebook Froze up. Okay- Reformat, Fdisk /MBR all that Jazz
  2. Windows ME - Installed all the way very well, everything looked Great! untill upon booting into ME… Poof Kernal386 Missing. Why? some reason the OS is missing … strange?
  3. Windows 2k - NTLDR Missing, Why? Standard boot method - Non-Emulated boot
  4. Windows Xp Pro - Tried to install from USB Floppy: Nope - Notta - Zip - Ziltch! Not happening, wont even see the floppy in the drive… Next we Try a standard XP Pro CD - Will not boot from Non-Emulated Boot… standard stuff here. sooo do alittle thinking, Try something different - copy floppy image onto Cd. well what do ya know, it boots the first image burned from the first floppy. Oh but, the second cant be seen… well @#$% !!!
    Even if the image is copied from the second CD and so on utnill the sixth floppy image… but the second is just not seen. AM i missing something HeRe?
    is there a hidden File Header? datatrack on the floppy written that needs to be seeked from the OS? I mean the damn first image written to cd was flawless… but the second image written to cd took a dump?
    I just wanna jump up and down and grunt like an ape!

Alrighty then, I have QuickTech 5.4 - tested this laptop and it sees no problems hardware wise. I’ve replaced the memory, I’ve put in a new 20gb drive. I even put in a new DvdRW… none of these things have helped. (no i didnt have to spend any money on the parts, since I work for a PC Repair shop) Its always sooo strange that I can fix everyone eles problems, But my own… Go figure!

Im almost tempted to try esupport.com to see if they can come up with a bios that will allow me to bypass whatever it is that HP put into this monster. cause the Bio’s on this laptop SUCKS! its just plan, no things to really tweak out. Even my Dell laptop has a nice bios ,but not this stupid HP.


I had tried to warn you earlier about the BIOS interaction…
I still don’t know how oldthat lappy is, but 1 little game the OEMs used to play is using IML (Intiial Microcode Load) - this is where the actual BIOS’s code resides on the HDD in a hidden partition (they even tell you this in the manual). Therefore - the BIOS configuration utility you see is ONLY a pointer to the REAL code that lives on the HDD. IIRC - there’s no CMOS NVRAM chip on these mobos - no need for them.

wonder how much money HPoop wants for a Restore CD

as far as NTLDR missing using Win2K - may want to try and manually editing the Boot.ini file - or use BOOTCFG /rebuild

I believe the NTLDR Missing is from the Non-emulated boot method. same error message given to me from the Xp cd. I’m still stumped by this problem… Im also starting to think the Trash can is looking mighty good…


ooopps = see my edit above, and I’ll think about your reply further

I’m all for the Non-emulated method anyways - Straight boot off CDROM - no floppies…

If you can get as far as starting the install (Create Partition, Format and reboot and run Setup) - then there’s the 2K/XP CD Recovery Console you can hopefully use to either;

*edit the Boot.ini file and fix the entries,
*run commands such as the bootcfg /rebuild or FIXMBR or FIXBOOT etc

…and then there’s other tools also (LiveCDs, and Bart’s PE Builder and Ultimate BootCD). I wonder if knoppix (Linux LiveCD) will boot on the POS

Riddle me this ???

What OS was Originally installed when new ?
^^^ important ^^^^

Oh about the Restore CD - I looked that up… only $79.00 and its yours! gee, they are proud arent they? BUT! as in this case, I have that - Welp, let’s just say it dont work either. There was An OS on this POS before I formated, but now I cant load xp back onto it. I think maybe this board is just screwed up, even tho QuickTech says different. Or its the Bios is flawed… this is one of those rare animals, “Hel-if-i-know”, ever hear of it?


so XP ws “originally” on there and functioning ?

I ask b/c of ACPI and APIC

Wanna try a linux liveCD ?
clcik d/l - accept the agrrement - choose a mirror and d/; the ISO and run the md5 checksum against the d/l. Oh Any version above 3.6 is fine. You need a 700MB (80min) CD-R to burn the ISO to

When Originally installed, XP HOME -
Dunno if Linux would work, have not gave that much thought… guess i will give it a try monday morning at the shop - in any case, couldnt hurt!
Hell why not Mac OS 10 !!! J/K