XP asking for CD/RW driver each boot

I’ve got a computer (Compaq Evo D500) that every time it boots up, it asks for a “driver” for the Samsung CD/RW drive. The drive appears fine in the device manager (no exclamation) and works, it just asks for the driver at boot. If I say “use windows update” it doesn’t find a driver. If I tell it manual, it says there are no suitable drivers for the device. If I tell it don’t prompt for the driver again, it still does at the next boot. This is coming from a Sysprepped ghost image and I’ve only seen it on this computer.

If it matters, the system is a P4 1.8, 1.5GB PC133 RAM, 20GB HD, Nvidia Vanta 16mb, i845 chipset, Atheros Wireless Card.

Oh and the CD/RW is a Samsung SW-216b with latest Q002 firmware.

Try uninstalling the driver for that cd drive and reboot with the original windows cd in. It will re-install the driver and hopefully stop asking for it.