XP and Nero nightmare

I have a Yamaha CRW2100E burner, Nero 5.5.90 and XP Professional.

Yesterday (in the words of the Beatles) all my troubles seemed so far away.

Then came my upgrade of the machine from w2k to xp pro.

Now I cannot get the thing to work - keeps saying there is not a valid disk in the drive.

I have so far tried the following:

Updated all drivers (including firmware on CD ROM) to latest versions.

Downloaded all XP patches to date.

Upgrade Nero from 5.5.8 to the latest version 5.5.90 (I think).

I have removed Nero and the drives from Device Manager and rebooted. I have tried the XP writing software - nothing. I have tried to disable the recording option on XP and reinstall Nero (and upgrade) still the same problem.

Have also set both channels on the IDE to DMA.

Am I missing something really obvious or do I just go back to w2k?

Thanks for any help you can offer.:confused:

did you do a clean install?? do you have aspi drivers installed??

Yes I would say as clean as it can be:

w2k -> XP -> XP updates -> Driver updates -> Nero and finally Nero updates. Will I need APSI drivers as I think the xp ones are the latest? Any comments on the APSI drivers appreciated.

you better format your drive enxt time and then install xp…or do you have an update versioninstead of a full version??

not sure but try to install aspi 4.71 or 4.70 (and the aspi fix for winxp)

or look here;

Format the disk where your OS is and make a clean install.

Thanks for your assistance - I think this may do the trick - just need the nero site to get thier fingers out and allow me to download the dll.

Will keep you posted when I have another go tomorrow.

Still can always go back to good old w2k!