XP 64 Bit and Encoding / Decoding programs

Hi folks,

I’m looking at buying a new PC with either XP 64 or 32 bit OS. Is there any MP3 encoding software that works on the 64 bit (and reaps the beneifts) out there? And also, does programs like dvd decrypter and anydvd work better on 64? If not I’ll stick to 32. Please let me know.


there arent as far as i know. the 32bit LAME has some optimized assembly that adds a little speed. if someone were to make/optimize a 64bit version, it would smoke.

these programs will probably exist in the next year/year and a half

I am having troubles with running Anydvd Clone2 on my new XP 64 pro version, I do have a few things to try, but Plextor says that my drive does not have compatible drivers, and according to Roxio you need to run either Easy Media Suite 7.5 or 8 for compatibility. I will let you know, but if you have alot of existing programs, many will not be compatible/supported for awhile if ever.

yep, it seems like the xp 64 bit is not worth the hassle yet, will get 64 bit computer soon and will probably try it out though. hoping for more application support

im running 64bit and ive got clonedvd nero 7 dvddecrypter anydvd and a lot of other programmes and no probs here