Xp 2200 chip



What frequency should it be running at. It’s at 1800 at the minute but my Mobo info panel is saying it can go to 2250mhz
what’s the best multiplier settings in your opinion? Not really worried about O/Cing
btw it’s an A7VX8 mobo


you should adjust the frequency (fsb)…i don’t think you can change multiplier


The multiplier wont change unless you have unlocked the CPU. My athlon XP 2200 + wont run with an FSB>149, as the mobo locks or something and wont boot - havent spent too much time on this really.

More info about this is available at www.amdmb.com and www.overclockers.com


Some mobos (nForce2) can unlock your Tbred w/o modding the CPU. Not sure about KT400 though. Here is a page w/ all the info you’ll need to unlock your xp2200.


I think this is an ASUS board.
Well, if you are refering to what Asus Probe sais, it is just the highest cpu (depending the version of course) that the mobo can get, not the speed that your cpu can get :slight_smile: .


The XP2200+ is really a bad overclocker. Most of those CPU’s are one of the earlier Thoroughbred A cores and it’s really hard to get them running even a little faster.

I recently tried to overclock a 2200+ from week 44 (Tbred A core). As the CPU was MP locked, I tried to raise the FSB (Nforce 2 board, so no problem in raising the 133Mhz FSB there ;))… I couldn’t even get it stabilised over 145Mhz FSB (no temperature or powerissues!)… really too bad.


I also couldnt get the FSB>149 but for a different reason. The system was stable aup to 148, but it didnt boot when increased more than that, i always get an error “system failure due to cpu overclocking” from the speakers (A7V333 mobo).

The link Stoner provided looks like greek to me!! - overclocking aint my field of expertise i guess :rolleyes: :frowning: