Xp 2 and 1/2

Hey guys I’m not a newby put I need some help . I was deleting programs I don’t use and I lost the use of anything in my program files and can’t get my restore disc to work. I have a gateway 816 windows media center edition with xp2 on it.I’m using kaspersky virus program ,whaat can I do.?

Have you tried going back to a restore point that was made prior to your deletions?

What exactly is going on when you try to use the restore disk?

yea kerry I can’t get any thing on my program start botton all my programs are read me’s

I get the window that say it can’t open this file to open windows needs to know what program created it use web or select program—when I try the restore disc nothing it just sart up again by pass ing it

Try this: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/780/execute-system-restore-from-the-command-line-safe-boot/

You can also just follow these instructions to get to restore while in Safe Mode:
[I]Start up your computer, and press f8 until the black screen with options pops up.

Choose Safe Mode. You don’t need the command prompt.

And then a pop up will come up asking you a Yes or No question. It should say “Click No if you want to skip to System Restore.”

Click No. And then the System Restore program starts up, and then revert back to a date where you KNOW your computer was working[/I]
(copied from that site)

the programs are still in the back somewhere but I can’t pull them out -theres just read me on the desk top I can screw around and get back in the back where the programs are but they will not open .Somethings missing.

ok i’ll try it and get back with you thanks

When starting up in Safe Mode, you can also try going to last known good configuration.

kerry I try the tech-recipe didn’t work I got a blank screen with restore at the top but it didn’t do anything I even but the restore disc in and out nothing sorry

I tried the safe mode and last config but that didn’t work got anything else I can try

Can you boot into Safe Mode at all? It would be nice to know if the operating system is completely borked or not at this point. Just hit F8 and go to Safe Mode…nothing else.

To use the restore disk, you’ll need to boot the system with it. You’ll also need to have the computer set up to boot from the cd/dvd drive first, rather than the hard drive. If that isn’t the current configuration, you’ll need to change that in the bios.

yea i can get the boot for safe booting but the restore will not start and this file is missing --jqsnotify.exe—if that helps

I can get a music cd to play in the back but it won’t rectconize the restore disc

all my programs file are there if I trick it to show them , you know like when you cllick on the window file and it won’t show you because they say these file are important to run window and ask you if they should show them-well thats where they are at behind one of those. and if I click back and forward it will show them

[QUOTE=marloyd;2546383]and this file is missing --jqsnotify.exe—if that helps[/QUOTE]

marloyd check out these links they might just be something to help with that error



sorry getit no dice man I quit for the night before I put a foot through this thing thanks for trying if you think of anything post it I’ll get it later thanks again and thank Kerry later guys

[QUOTE=marloyd;2546392]sorry getit no dice man I quit for the night before I put a foot through this thing thanks for trying if you think of anything post it I’ll get it later thanks again and thank Kerry later guys[/QUOTE]

LOL!!! sometimes a good swift kick will make things work right again I kicked
the first system I ever had a few times in the past and it worked. I got really
PO at it one night back in 98 from it just locking up for no reason and kicked it
so hard that it bent the side cover all the way in and Jarred it hard enough that
it just about shorted everything out in it except the hdd and CD drive it did make
some pretty sparks and some really stinky smoke. :eek: :doh:

Hey marloyd , You may already have your OS set this way but I’m going to suggest it anyway.
Go into the BIOS & set the DVD player as the first in the boot list .
If you setup like I do you usually have the hard drive with your OS on it as first .
Then boot from the restore disc.

hi cholla I’ll try again,first time didn’t work, well nothings working right can’t get it to boot the restore disc,I’m giving up this needs someone smarter that me,thanks for trying guys.

Yea cholla I can’t get the boot to stay on cd/dvd here’s the top role says

USB RMD-FDD:em Bay Read Er than next role
IDE-O:WDC WD2000BB.006uao next line
BBS-O(network): INTEL UND I,PXE-2.0