How to uninstall xmpeg? simply delete the folder?Or i have to remove some key?

There wolud be problems of incompatibility between Flask and xmpeg installed 2gether? maybe this will make my pc slower?

Doesn’t it work via the software menu?

Or perhaps there is an uninstall program included?

No unistaller in my version, so i asked if something could remain in my registry or not.
I think that i must only delete the folder or not?

I have both Xmpeg and Flask in my XP system for like a year now and never had any problems with any of them.

I have no uninstall option, so i guess you can just delete the corresponding folder. You can just check your registry with a proggie like registry cleaner to check whether it would leave any leftovers behind (too lazy to do so myself now :wink: )

Grazie mille!!