XMP Enabled Won't Boot And Fans Running %100 When Booting

Hi, i have a 2 questions, if you can help me i will be so happy thank you.

1-I bought Corsair Vengeance 2x8 GB 3000 MHz RAMs but they are working on 1233 at default so i enabled XMP profile at bios everything ok…

Then when i close my pc or when i restart my pc, pc won’t boot… and i am pushing to restart it again then it’s saying “OC. Failed”

So i searched it and they said “OC your CPU or up to your voltages” i did it but it’s not worked… : (

Now i set my DRAM voltage to Auto and it’s automatically setted to 1,500 and running with no problem. everything good. Is it safe for my ram? and how can i solve this problem?

2-When i open my PC my all fans running on %100 for 5 seconds then turning normal and ASUS logo appeared.

Is it normal too? or can i solve this? my mobo is z170-p asus


Welcome to the forum.
That RAM is normally rated at 1.35V max, so 1.5V is pretty high for DDR4.

I would take the DRAM voltage back to 1.35V and try and adjust the ‘CPU System agent’ voltage, and the ‘CPU VCCIO’ voltages to get the RAM stable.

I cover these voltages in the overlocking guide in more depth, and you can find it with this link.

The fans running at full speed for a few seconds at boot is completely normal on the Asus Skylake platform.

Welcome, and thank you for your answer.

I read your guide before o.c. my system. I am new at o.c. so i really can’t be sure how much values should i give to system agent or vccio…

My CPU is on 47 and 1,350 voltages.

And you said on your guide;

“CPU System Agent voltage should NOT exceed 1.25V
CPU VCCIO voltage should NOT exceed 1.2V”

Should i try 1.150 and 1,100 values for these? Will it effect my CPU stable? Because my cpu is really stable right now on 4,7 GHz and 1350V i don’t want to break this stable situation just for DRAMs… Puff Corsair rams are really bad. Everyone have this problem.

Thank u so much.

I’ve had no problems with Corsair RAM.
Mines are rated at 2666MHz, and mines are running at 1.2V
With CPU system agent at 1.1375V
And VCCIO also at 1.1375V

These voltages are powering the memory controller inside the Skylake CPU, and it should not effect your CPU overclock stability wise. Of course, mileage will vary on the overall system stability.

Yes, only Corsair Vengeance 3000 MHz DDR4 RAMs are some problems for skylake, i read a lot of reviews about these rams what i use. Even on corsair forum they still can’t found the solution.

But i just tried to change my DRAM Voltage to 1,380 and it’s working right now good. (1,375 or under not working, i mean working for first boot but if you restart the pc or close and open it again it will not boot.)

If i will have problem with 1,380V i will change vccio and system agent v oltages.

Now they are on auto and i think at 1,125 and 1,200 values.

Thanks again have a nice day.

Maybe The Corsair Vengeance 2x8 GB 3000 MHz XMP performance profile version 1.x?. Is incompatible with you´re z170-p asus xmp profile version 1.x?.