Xml`s format



I want to use nvapi to load a xml file to burn dvd.
But I cant find that xmls format to use.
Can every one answer that format for me?


You will fine an xml schema “NeroVisionAPI.xsd” in your NeroSDK folder.
For example C:\Downloads\NeroSDK-1.08\NeroVisionAPI\Include\NeroVisionAPI.xsd
You can use this schema to create your xml. I personally have use it to create a serializable object in c#. That way I can do the following:

NeroVisionAPI.nerovisionproject neroVisionProject = new nerovisionproject();
neroVisionProject.Item = new DiscProjectBaseType();
neroVisionProject.ItemElementName = ItemChoiceType.dvd;
DiscProjectBaseType project = neroVisionProject.Item;
project.encoding = VideoEncoding.NTSC;
project.label = “MyDVD”;
project.content = new object[] { new videotitle()};
NeroVisionAPI.videotitle videoTitle = project.content[0] as videotitle;
videoTitle.name = “Title1”;
videoTitle.video = new videotitleVideo[] { new videotitleVideo() };
videotitleVideo vid = videoTitle.video[0];
vid.src = @“C:\Tortuga_720px.mpg”;


sorry!I already try the code!
But it can`t find NeroVisionAPI.nerovisionproject in my Interop.NeroVisionAPI.dll files.Why?
thanks about your answer~


Sorry, The sample code I gave you is a custom class I have built for making xml projects. It is not part of the NeroVisionAPI. I just used the NeroVisionAPI Namespace. To make a simple XML project just read the API pdf document I will show you how. Here is a sample SVCD PhotoSlideShow

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<nerovision-project version ="1" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="NeroVision.xsd">
  <svcd encoding="PAL">
      <slideshow name="SlideShowName" id="s1">
        <transition type="WipeUp"/>
        <image src="C:\Documents and Settings\devconx\My Documents\My Pictures\Test.bmp" duration="5">
        <transition type="WipeDown"/>
        <image src="C:\Documents and Settings\devconx\My Documents\My Pictures\Test.bmp" duration="5">
          <header font-color="#000000" font-face="Arial" font-size="24">ImageHeader2</header>
          <footer font-color="#000000">Footer</footer>
        <transition type="WipeRight"/>
        <audio src="C:\Documents and Settings\devconx\My Documents\My Music\Mell.wav"/>


Thanks for answer!
That is really help me alot.
I got other question after I saw the xml format that you post about.
If i want to insert as file into then xml where I can put?
The file maybe just as *.exe or *.rar or a directory.


I did not understand your question… Please run the question again…


Sorry about my English.

I want to burn the several files to a DVD.

So I create xml file to make me load the file name and path.
And I load the xml file when I want to burn.

But the nero sdk look like there isnt have the answer that I want. So I want to ask about xmls format to make sure my think is right.


Sorry for the late reply. I think what your are asking is how do you feed the source files to nerovision api. The api will only take a xml string. You can save the xml project to a xml file and then loaded from disk to memory. Then just pas the string back to the api. I think thats what you where asking. If you are talking about how to insert multiple movies in the project then, yes, you can do that buy just constructing your xml project to include multiple “videotitle” or “video” tags. Let me know if you need more help. firewolfguard-devconx@yahoo.com