XML files

Hi, I’m wondering if it is possible to create a DVD project and export it to an XML file. Ideally what I need to do is have a kind of DVD template where the content is the same across much of the DVD however there will be 1 - 3 short video clips that are unique to the individual that buys the DVD (basically it is them in some interactive exhibits). The DVD has to be burned when the individual decides they would like to purchase it so basically the video files that pertain to the individual have to be put into the project and then burnt to disc. I need to create an application where basically all the retail attendant has to do when a customer requests a video is to press a button that says “Burn” and the user information is obtained from a bar code scan. Basically the less the retail attendant has to do the better. Am I off base here? Any recommendations?

The easiest thing to do would be to design your application to output an xml file that is compatible with the NeroVisison API. All the user has to do is press a button that starts the process moving. The app loads the xml file and creates a finished DVD from that. I’ve done this for a number of applications. While C++ is the prefered language, with little extra work, you can even accomplish the task from .Net.

I know that I an use an XML file with the NeroVision API but I guess the main question is how to produce the XML file. I’d like to use some kind of GUI to produce the template of the DVD (menus, intro videos, etc) and then edit the XML and change the paths where the user specified videos are stored and then pass it to Nero to burn. What is the best way to produce the initial XML file???

If all you need is an initial xml file that you are going to edit manually, then just hand code it…it’s not hard if you know xml. If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated that generates the xml dynamically, launches Nero and burns the DVD all with the push of a button, you’re going to have to code a small app or hire someone to do it for you. I’ve done this type of work for a few people here on this site…PM me if you’d like to discuss it further.

Well we definitely need an app that I will be coding but it’s the XML that is holding me back right now…isn’t it possible to use the GUI for Nero to generate the basic DVD and obtain the XML of that layout and use that XML as a framework to further edit the DVD content. The issue is that I’m not totally familar with the XML Schema for a DVD layout and would like to have some sort of GUI I can use to learn exactly what is what as I go.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that I know of within Nero that will generate the type xml you are talking about other than the example program that comes with the NeroVision API and even that is not very good. It will not do chapters correctly and ANYTHING that you generate is IGNORED by the app itself do to hardcoded values. The bottom line here is, there is no quick and easy solution. Trust me, I’ve been down this road and had to learn the hardway. The best thing I can suggest is to dive into the NeroVision example app and work your way through the code…keep the docs handy and try creating the xml the way YOU think it should work. Load YOUR xml and see whether or not Nero chokes on it…if it does, correct your mistakes and try again. Once you have an xml file that Nero is happy with, try burning a DVD…AND HAVE LOTS OF BLANKS HANDY… :eek:

Thanks for your help on this…I’ve heard horror stories about that sample app in the API…right now I’m actually working with DVDStyler and using the XML that dvdauthor uses…I’m hoping to get a feel for the general XML layout, etc before tackling the Nero XML schema