XML files when ripping dvd



I have read that DVDFAB can rip the xml file while you are copying your dvd to your HDD. This is a feature I am very interested in because I keep all my dvds on my media server at home and use VMC to access them all. If DVD FAB can do this it will save me manually downloading each file for each movie and would a great feature.

Is this option inculded in this version or any other version and how do you use it ?

I have looked on the official website but can not find any info on it and I have a trial version and cannot find out how to do it and am thinking that the trial version maybe limited in some aspects.

Any help would be great.



It has been in since version you mentioned. It is a checkbox option in DVDFab Common Settings. It is discussed in the Tutorial here: http://www.dvdfab.com/docs/index.php/Main/SettingsDVDtoDVD


Thank you very much for the quick reply and pointing me in the right direction this is a feature of a burning program I have been after for a very long time and can’t wait to get home and try it out, will be a great time saver for me when archiving my movies.

Thanks Mox


You’re welcome. I hope it works well for you.


OK so I just found out that i have to check the box for the DVD XML file (you should make this standard). I’ve now burned over 25 dvd before finding out how to get an easy way for WMC to catalog these dvd’s. Do you have an easy way to create this xml file for the 25 dvd’s i have already done?

Only other way I know is to get the 3rd party dvdxml tool to create the xml file for each movie?


Don’t know of an easier way, but someone who uses this feature might. Congratulations on correctly using the forum search feature to find this old thread. It is apparently a lost (or never found) art. If memory serves, this feature was “always on” when first released, but there were complaints from non-users, so the checkbox, default unchecked, was added.

Feature added (always on) in v5.0.2.0, checkbox added 3 weeks later in v5.0.2.2.