Xmas, video.. and "common sense"

Ok… I’ve a pentium III 933mhz 512 ram on 815ep MB.

I’ve got a mx 400 video card and need to upgrade. My question is … would a 9600 pro be worth the $ in this set up? Would I be putting a walnut shift knob in a Pinto? If so, what would be the best bang for the buck in video cards… (best buy had a special of a 9600 pro for $70 after rebates, but of course they were all gone by the time I showed up)

If I can use all the 9600 pro bells and whistles… I’ll go that route.



ps And… which manufacturer… PowerColor, Sapphire… or ATI?

For $70, even with that semi-slow system, you will still get the best bang for the buck. A geforce fx5200 ultra costs about 100-150 normally, and the 9600pro owns the 5200ultra. Definitely get a rain check for that 9600pro. The manufacterer doesn’t really matter, the only differences between ATI, powercolor, and sapphire is the games bundle and maybe the cooling systems.

PS - are u sure u didn’t mean 9600SE?? $70 seems really cheap for 9600pro.

I just bought the 9600SE for one of my slower comps through Best Buy with a rebate deal (last one!), it’s definately a good card for the money. Can’t set the AA as high as with my 9700 Pro, but besides that, very comparable. AA looks terrible in Battlefield1942 anyway;)