Xmas gift from vso


merry christmas, to thank the help provided by some users in this forum I offer 10 free licences of BW+Copytocd to the the 10 first people who will write me ( support@vso-software.com )
include xmas-cdfreaks as subject and include your full name , firstname, email description.

ok ok stop !!! we already have our 10 winners :slight_smile:

they will receive their key tomorrow

wooohoooo :smiley:

im a winner recived my key this morrning

cheers man what a great present im trully greatfull…

:o :o :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :o :o

:bow: :bow:

yeah… me too… :bigsmile: :bow:
Thank you… thats the best xmas present for me by far up to now. :wink:

merry christmas and a happy new year :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say thanks…I got my key this morning also

Got my key already 2 weeks ago…I BOUGHT it…:bigsmile: