XM Satellite Radio

GM is now selling new vehicles with XM Satellite Radio receivers. Likewise, electronics retailers are now selling XM Satellite Radios. With GM, is XM Satellite Radio like OnStar in that it is free for a year, but then you have to pay for the service? Or is XM Satellite Radio a free radio service just like AM/FM? Thanks for all and any feedback.

XM radio is a for fee service. I don’t know if GM throws in anything for the first year like it does with OnStar. Here’s a link to XM’s fee structure.


Thanks for your response and the link Bigboard. I’m in no rush to pay for music that’s free on any FM station. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about with Satellite Radio, since It’s a fee based service. I test drove a Pontiac Torrent that had XM Radio the other day and I lost the signal every time I drove by a tall building. So I’m really confused about any benefit in using the service.

XM has well over a hundred stations besides the stations that play the music you hear on the “radio”. I listen to stations that rarely play, if ever, music you hear on the radio. I also can take my player out of my truck and put in my boat when I go fishing (in the Gulf).

If all you listen to is the pop music on radio and do a lot of driving around skyscrapers then it probably wouldn’t do much for you.

Thanks for the feedback Boca. A lot of my driving is in the heart of a very large city, so methinks XM isn’t for me.

I signed up for Sirius a few days ago and it is great. Talk radio, sports radio, obscure music . . . and you can’t forget all Elvis all the time. :smiley: