XM Satellite Radio tries to shutdown TimeTrax recording tool

I just posted the article XM Satellite Radio tries to shutdown TimeTrax recording tool.

 One form of Digital radio that is gaining  popularity in the US is XM Satellite Radio.  An XM radio will function so long as  the listener has a subscription, a clear view of the sky and...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8957-XM-Satellite-Radio-tries-to-shutdown-TimeTrax-recording-tool.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8957-XM-Satellite-Radio-tries-to-shutdown-TimeTrax-recording-tool.html)

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this is so stupid. I am having a hard time not screaming here after reading this. I mean it is Exactly like Tivo OR a VCR. If you are paying for the service to listen to the radio, and the radio is paying its fee’s to the artist, then how is ANYONE getting hurt by this. If the RIAA is upset about what is going on, then they should BAN any of their arists songs from being played on TV, AM/FM Radio, and XM radio so that NO one can record them.

So … the big question??? If they are trying to figure out a way to shut it down… does that mean they have to … Heaven forbid… Reverse Engiineer the software or disassemble it to find out whats its doing… and then jam the software somehow???.. Wonder who would be infringing who’s rights then!.. Just a question that came to mind

From a legal point of view this would be the same as putting a casette in your tape deck and hitting record. Nevertheless, here comes the XM consumer backlash.

Does this mean that the dysfunctional management at XM Satellite Radio, wish it 's customer to pay for a service they cannot fully utilise. This nothing but theft by deception!!! Oh well another loss to John C Cosumer:r

and the lawyers sang…“Rolls in…Rolls in…Oh how the money rolls in rolls in”…:X

“XM is now trying to find a way to shut-down the software as it may affect ability to improve its service later on.” …? Does that mean technical improvements (riiiiight) or ripping off an idea such as Mr. MacLean’s?

These greedy A**holes! When are they going to wake up and see that the greedy distribution model they have been screwing the public & musicians with is DEAD! The stupid,stinking jackasses still want to stay on this musical Titanic they call the music industry. The digital age is here idiots! Wake up! Change the model or go done with the ship because this digital revolution is coming weather you like it or not! Never in my life have I seen such stupidity when an inevitable situation comes and ALL of the music & movie industry scream,piss & moan instead of making it work. Let it go you vinyl retards!
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Just another case of the consumer is guilty of piracy until the RIAA says their innocent, and we know how often that happens.

It will be interesting to see, if the software is deemed “illegal”, how soon XM come up with their “own” legal software that does exactly the same thing only with a different gui to avoid “intellectual property” theft. And then charge for it. Illegal = Why didn’t we think of that first?
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OMFG, greedy ass motherfuckers. As someone already mentioned, how’s this different from popping a cassette in and recording a radio station? The lawyers working for this should die of horrible death, as well as all the XM radio execs. Die you greedy motherfuckers, you die and you got to hell.:(:(:(:d

Well, lets “chop off the head to cure the headache”. Looks like XM is discontinuing the PC receiver. Check out the Sept 1st headline on CDFREAKS and you will see what I mean. And now we get to see some fucking dumbasses take advantage of it all by selling a item that has a list value of 50 bucks, auction it for over 250.00. Check out eBay for the “killer deals”.

As of March 4 2006, this technology is still available at : http://www.timetraxtech.com/:)