XM releases statement to subscribers regarding RIAA lawsuit

I just posted the article XM releases statement to subscribers regarding RIAA lawsuit.

  A few  days ago, the RIAA sued  XM Satellite Radio   over its portable satellite radio receiver, the  Inno, due its ability to record the radio as well split up the recording up  into...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11873-XM-releases-statement-to-subscribers-regarding-RIAA-lawsuit-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11873-XM-releases-statement-to-subscribers-regarding-RIAA-lawsuit-.html)

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rofl, RIAA is not going to likely. Unfortunately I think RIAA will get an upper hand in the end.

RIAA will buy legislation in their favor.

XM will pay just like SIRIUS did.

At least a corporation is fighting RIAA. Too often they pick on individuals.

Well, Then RIAA needs to sue SIRUS and DishNetwork because I can not only record onto my DVR but also export the songs to PocketDish! Now, I can assure you because of some strategic corporate alliances (synergy) that we will not see this law suite. But XM was fair game for RIAA which has taken on a new business model: Sue everyone for anything they possible think they can. Makes sense doesn’t it? Since we have a bunch of lawmakers in their pockets, all fair use laws get trampled and totalitarian copyright laws get vamped through.

Yawn those RIAA guys are so boring. All they do is hunt people down and they are not good at it either. They are just asking for a Terrorist attack, if they keep up like this there won’t be any RIAA left in the end. Sigh

Why dont we all just go give the RIAA our tape recorders, vcr’s, dvd recorder’s xm radio’s etc, etc. the list could go on. After all they dont want us to do anything except give them our money for crapy music anyways. I for one would like to see Tivo, Sirus and all the other similar vendor stand up and do something about this. They have to know if the RIAA wins they will go after the next one in line. And the royalties they get aint enough already.:(:(:r

It’s all about corporate GREED. The RIAA wants a tax on every player, recorder, piece of media, make it illegal to copy anything and when you do, fine you $5,000 per song. Be very vocal to your friends and write elected officials. Tell them all you refuse to purchase music becaues of the RIAA’s bribery of public officials and blackmail of people exercising their fair use rights. WRITE THE ARTISTS - Tell them you can’t purchase their music if they or their record company belong to the RIAA or don’t publicly opose it. I won’t buy anything from a company that belongs to the RIAA.

I’d like to get the RIAA’s mailing address so I could send them my VCR and a nice letter :slight_smile: