XLink Kai Updated to

Saturday 12 April, 2008

Team XLink released a new version of XLink Kai. It is a global gaming network software that allows you to play system-link enabled games (on Xbox, Xbox360, PS3, PS2, PSP, …) online for free:

We at Team XLink are delighted by the recent record setting increase in online player counts and are continuing to optimize our network and software to facilitate sustained growth.

In the past weeks, we have migrated our core services to a much faster server generously provided by MoxieColo. We have also updated our Orbital Code to access a separate back-end from our main page and forum–eliminating one single point of failure from our network operations.

More exciting, we are proud to present our latest update to the Kai Tunnelling system: Kai Unlike previous updates, this will be a ‘soft update’ so we requests users uninstall their previous Kai installation and install the new version provided at the link below.

Among other features, this iteration of Kai boasts much faster performance, improved Vista support, and a streamlined update mechanism for improved security and stability. We have also added greater accessibility and usability options through enhanced support of Asian character sets (selectable via configuration) and user-selectable font resizing. Most importantly, however, this utilizes a retooled orbital selection mechanism which not only eases Kai network congestion but also makes connecting to Kai a faster and less cumbersome user experience.

Please take a moment to uninstall your current Kai installation and download / install the following: XLinkKai-


This is the first step in a number of exciting updates we will be rolling out over the upcoming weeks.