XLG - R1 - and AnyDVD

I have Extraordinary League of Gentleman on R1 and a PC Dvd Writer (Freecom x4b - and NEC 1300 clone).

My config. continued: AnyDvd latest ver. with license.

I tried to use Dvd Decryptor and Dvd Shrink with Anydvd running in the background and my Dvd writer set to R2 - the settings in Anydvd default to R1.

Neither Dvd Decryptor or Dvd Shrink will allow me to circumvent the DCess encryption. Even with AnyDvd switched off it still doesnt work.

The only way to make Dvd Decryptor or Shrink work was to change my Dvd Writer setting to R1.

Should AnyDvd allow me to do the above without me having to alter the Dvd Writer settings. My Dvd writer has only 1 more change left until permanent.

Any help appreciated.

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Hmmm… Interesting.

I’m assuming that your writer is also your reader; that is, you don’t have two DVD drives?

Well, for a start, you shouldn’t be changing the region settings on your drive. Like you say, you only have so many changes before it becomes permanent. Besides, that’s what AnyDVD is for. Making region changes is like keeping a dog and barking yourself.

Neglecting AnyDVD for a moment, let’s look at DVD Decrypter. What messages, if any, does this program display that lead you to believe:

  1. The CSS decryption is not working
  2. The region encoding is not being overridden


Thanks Pete for your response - I am at work so cant answer until later when I will run the method again and paste results.

I have 2 drives Liteon Cd Writer and a Freecom Dvd Writer. I use the DVd to write and read. You are correct in that I dont have 2 drives by way of seperate Dvd reader and writer.



I have resolved this now thanks.

I do have another issue with ANYDVD which I will raise in another post.