XLAYER DVD+R (MCC 003.8) - opinions?

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these I found on ebay:


They’re quite cheap, half the price I would have to pay for “Platinums” on local stores. They claim it’s MCC 003.8, what do you think, is this good media or garbage?

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Platinum is crappy enough, and they fake TY cakeboxes.
I believe it is sub-standard or even fake MCC. The cakebox does not look like one of MCC’s partners, MBI, CMC or Prodisc, but on the other hand, never trust cakeboxes.
The cakebox reminds me of Sky, MPO and Unifino cakeboxes.

I would regard these very suspiciously :wink:

That seller is advertising on this board. For a little more, you can get Verbatims from them.

Or they get them from the same people kg.

I would be dubious too, I have not heard of MCC003.8, and it is not listed in videohelp either. Go with a reputable supplier, I would never buy media off people using ebay.

Thanks guys, I was a little suspicious too, that’s why I asked for your opinions :bow:

As for the seller, I think he’s reputable, has lots of positives and the buyers seem to be satisfied with his disks.

Will order the Verbs, they’re just a little bit more expensive, but also a 25 Spindle of this “XLAYER” Media - just out of curiosity :bigsmile:

I’ll post quality scans as soon as I get them :stuck_out_tongue:

Spoken like a true CDFreak :bigsmile:

Oooh you can be our guineapig. A lot of posative feedback means nothing, after all we don’t know if they are talking on burns or on long term storage, well I don’t anyway as I don’t understand German.

XLAYER DVD+R used to be called X-life. There Fake
(Have also sold fake TY’s and Fake Ritek’s !)

I did!
Most amusing Disc’s I’ve ever bought! I think I paid more for the P&H than I did for the 200 discs :wink:

Not my NEC3500, the liteon812 or the liteon811 would even consider touching them, even at 2/2.4x :wink:

My brother managed to burn them at 4x on his Litey812.
After burning, I recall that the PIF’s managed to reach somewhere in the vicinity of the low 60’s (on a 1ECC burner).
I suspect there were more PI errors than was technically possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Played ok on standalones though … so long as it was within a week of burning :wink:

Hi there,

i’ve got the disks yesterday, the MID code is MCC003, attached below is an image of the hub area:

My genuine Verbatim MMCs didn’t have this printing around the hole, so are this fakes as suspected?

First burn on BenQ DW1655, Firmware “BCGB” @ 8x. Solidburn off for known media (didn’t create entry in the solidburn database):

PIE, PIF little bit high but evenly distributed, certainly not a top-notch media but could have been worse :bigsmile:

Could this actually be Mitsui/MAM-A media?

Not bad at all, but I’d rescan in a couple of weeks :wink:

Definitely not real Verbatim/MCC as the serials don’t match the MIT/MII or MIS real stuff.

gorgonzola, please look at the mirror band in the center of the disc. Does it also have a ZD…-style code?

Hi there,

thanks a lot for your valuable feedback, there are really some nice and knowledgeable people on this board :slight_smile:

@kg_evilboy: Attached below is an image of the center area, this time from the label side. There is another sort of “code”, maybe it’s telling something about the real manufacturer of this disks?

Allready said in post 9 in this topic that it was not real mkm.

And it’s not MAM.

Shoulds somewhere still have the info about who made the media but got to much on my hands to dig really deep for it.

This manufacturer also has made some media with MCC MID for Mirror and Mediarange.

When googling for DP-4.7G I found out that it was sold under the GQ, Bulkpaq and Gigatain brands as well. Could be a manufacturer from Macau or possibly Infosmart.

Oh dear…:eek:

Indeed, this means that he should better not store anything important on these discs, it could degrade at a fast pace…