Xj-hd166s & Ltr-48327s driver problems

Hi Guys,
Please help upon buying the Xj-hd166s & ltr-48327s cd & dvd roms my windows xp will not read them in control panel/system the drives are there but with exclaimation marks at the side of them. I know i need drivers for them probably but the ones i get don’t seem to work.

Please help this useless female


No, you’ll need no drivers. The drivers are supplied with the OS.
I suggest you delete the entries in Devicemanager, also the entries under “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller”.
Then reboot.
After your OS has re-installed them and loaded up, check them again using Devicemanager.

If the problems are still there, you should check the jumpers/settings and IDE cable(s).

Hi Chef,
Thanx for the help but i am useless this is my son’s computer the other one i am trying to set up myself the one with the problems where abouts is the device manager in control panel u mean which ones do i delete

Thanx & Sorry for my stupidity

Also if i try to delete them won’t windows try to re-load them again…

Just delete both the drive entries (under DVD/CD-ROM drives) and then also the entries “Primary IDE channel” and Secondary IDE channel" which you can find under “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers”.

Then reboot.

They will be re-detected by xp.

in the likely event it will stay same see this article