XJ-HD165H Lite on Problems reading DVD-RAM

Hi guys,

I think this burner is supposed to read dvd-ram and sometimes it does. If I create a test disc in nero it reads fine in my writer, but only occasioanlly it will not read in my dvd reader, and gives seemingly random errors?

Has anyone any ideas? Is the XJ-HD165H a good dvd-ram reader? It seems good on everything else?


Well, if you look at the 165H specs page DVD-RAM is not officially supported, so you can’t complain if the drive doesn’t handle that type of media. However Nero InfoTool reports the drive can read DVD-RAM media, but you can’t always trust that info.

If you look at


it says the drive is “DVD-Multi”

if you then look at


which says part of the “DVD-Multi” spec is DVD-RAM

so it defnitely should read DVD-RAM.

I have now solved the problem. It appears to be the was nero creates the test disc, it is reported as CDFS, If I format the disc as UDF 2.0, and fill it via drag and drop the nero scandisc completes perfectly. UDF1.5 seems to work well too but not quite as well as UDF2.0.