XJ-HD165H Firmware

It might be old news and indeed this firmware is weeks old but i cant see anything on here about it, so sorry if its been posted already

D165HCH12.zip Windows 230KB 2003/09/25 Match More Media


Probably most everyone interested got it when Karr Wang offered it a while ago. Still nice to get the official one though.

I am surprised to see it isnt on Digi’s site if thats the case?

It’s on Digi’s site as a binary, I’ll remind him to add the CH12 Windows Flasher.

Didn’t you guys didn’t notice DS19 for the LTD-166S which we added a few days ago? :wink:

I noticed DS19 and dl’ed it a few days ago, along with GHRA for LTD-163D.

To bad I do not have a LTD-166S :stuck_out_tongue:

Where can be DS19 firmware downloaded from?


Just wanted to thank Dhc014 for the DS19 (for 166s), both binary and exe. It’s being downloaded in big numbers!

Also wanted to mention that the official CH12 (for 165h) is on my site now as well. Better late than never :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers :cool: