XiLock Protection on CD



Does anyone know how to deal with XiLock Protection v1.0 Gold Edition ? I would like to make a backup of a CD.

On the cd there is a folder called; ‘Lock’ and inside is a file called; ‘lock.dat’ and it is on 832.756 KB.

Hope someone knows how to …

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are you sure thats right way to pronounce that protection name? google brings nothing neither does cdmediaworld and search in this forum


Thanks Phil,

This is from the readme-file on the cd:

XiLock Protection v1.0 Gold Edition

do not remove or modify this file.

this lock make for protect CD from illegal copy

more info :
Web Site : www.xilock.com
Email : info@xilock.com



first i tried to access the site and couldnt so then i whois’d it and found out its not even registered basicly meaning it dont exsist so guess i cant get the basic info on that protection,so since i have no specific info on it the only thing i can suggest is getting alcohol 120% and clonecd and just try your luck with various profiles/options


That’s exactly what I’m on right now !! - So far it does not look too good though !!!


dont forget to try the “hide cdr media” in clonecd or “ignore media type” in alcohol


Neither CloneCd 5.1, Blindwrite, or Alchohol 120% 1.9.2, can be used to make an image. The work patterns are the same; they read alright until up about 1,1 % and then they ‘die’ or ‘go in ring’ - no more bit transfer !!.
I’ve also scanned the cd with A-Ray Scanner but nothing !!!

Any other idea of software to scan the CD with ?

Thanks nUUK25


yeah alot of em actually

Protection ID

DiscScanX: http://get.copybase.ch/92
Copy-Discovery 2000: http://www.thesharks.at/copy-discovery2000/Setup/InstallShield/Copy-Discovery%202000%20Setup.exe
CbScanner: http://get.copybase.ch/108


You already know the protection is XiLock.
Why do you want a different scanner?
You think if A-Ray said “XiLock detected” you would be more able to copy it?


#9 Right ! - good point !
BUT I have this feeling that there are no such thing as a cd-copy protection called; XiLock, that whatever is ‘there’ is actually something different !! Ofcause, if ‘the file’ is just renamed and the scanning only makes identification on file-names - then I don’t get anywhere !! Hope the scanners are more ‘intelligent’ though !!

Just a humble guess and that’s why I ask for other scanner programs !!




When you say it’s stuck at 1.1%, do you get any read errors ?
If you do you could try using ringprotech or laserlock profiles in alcohol or CCD.
Have you also tried old blindwrite 4.x with the “alternative read method” ?


No, I don’t get any read error ! It just stays there and ‘goes in ring’ ! - and I lose patience after 10 min. or so when it is still on 1,1 % !!
I’ve tryed the laserrock profile but not the ringprotech in Alchohol 120 %.

What does “alternetive read method” in Blindwrite 4.x cover over ?

By the way I’ve used the LiteOn LTR 52327S drive and I had a ‘go’ on DVD/CDCombo Samsung SM-348B too. I take for granted that the Nec 3500 DVD won’t make any sense in this context !!



Which game/software is on the CD, maybe that could help with finding the solution.


This obviously don’t get me anywhere - I’m closing this thread !!

Others are most welcome to ‘pick it up’ again if relevant information about Xilock will ‘pop up’.

Thanks to all :wink:



what’s the solution ?
i have the same problem.

no program can make backup :frowning:


I’m still having this problem !! HELP !!!