Xilisot DVD ripper divx output has black bars

Hi all,

I’m trying to rip my dvd (Using Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate 5).
It all work well, only it gives me friggen black bars at bottom and top.
When I put the DVD in my portable DVD player (16:9 ratio), I don’t get any bars and the screen is nicely populated. However when I play the resulting divx from Xilisoft in the portable DVD player I have them.
I already changed the ‘video size’, ‘aspect ratio’ and ‘zoom’ to different settings, but Nothing helped.
Is this related to the ripping software I use?
Any suggestions are welcome!


I’m trying easydivx now, let’s see what happens.

Okay, so I answered my own question:clap:
Easydivx seems to do it correctly, so basically this means xilisoft is not doing the things I tell it to do.

If anyone else had this experience, feel free to share :wink: