Xilisoft Video Converter problems

So I want to back up my TV DVDs so that I can view them through TVersity onto my PS3 with h.264 Mpeg 4 quality, but then also be able to convert those files to both PSP and Zune format. I was using Nero Recode, but it was two steps, so I got DVDFab. (Also because I use AnyDVD to rip, and it sometimes overlaps files and shows only 2 episodes when there are 4 on a disc). Only after converting a whole 6 seasons of a show did I realize that the DVDFab files were showing under 100 bitrates or even negative bitrates, and TVersity wouldn’t show an image on the PS3. So I went back to Nero, which works fine. So then, to complete the scenario, I bought Xilisoft Video Convert Platinum because I figured that I could convert the files that I had to PSP or Zune. Well, new problem. I can convert any files that I made with DVDFab, but I can’t convert files made with Nero. It says “Failed” every time. Both were h.264 MPEG files, although I guess Nero’s are a little different with their AVC. Either way…can someone help me out? I don’t want to have to create one set of the file for Tversity/PS3 and a whole separate set from the original DVD for Zune or PSP…I just wanted to convert the MP4 file to PSP or Zune when I needed it. I couldn’t find anything in Nero that converted it’s MP4 files to Zune or PSP either. Why can’t one company put together a quality product that handles all of this in one? Or do I just now know it yet?