Xilisoft dvd creator error message



I purchased Xilisoft dvd creator a couple of months ago and had never had a problem til now. Now when I try to burn a dvd I get a message: Failed to create dvd directory. Destination path invalid. What do I do to correct this?



i had same prob… wot u do is create a NEW path directory …

u do this by opening up the XILISOFT AVI TO DVD CONVERTER software

you then click onto tools

at the bottom of the list is …preferences

then you click on the prefrences tab

you then will see temp file folder location
you click on the button to the right hand side and another box will appear

you then change the path to where the temp files will go …

hey presto your software should work

good luck !!!


Thank you for the help light =]

If the error would have said “Failed to create [U]Temp[/U] DVD Directory” the solution would have been more apparent.



I had the same problem and fixed it in 10 seconds with your
solution! Saved so much time!
Thanks Again :smiley:


Welcome to the forums bexlav and I’m glad to see you’re finding them useful already. :flower:



Thanks so much Light!
Thats the reason of my problem.


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