Xilisoft DVD Copy Express and Vista

G’day All,

First time here so be gentle please.

For a long time I have been using DVD Copy Tools on my XP computer and this has been working really fine.

Recently I tried to install it on my Vista Laptop but all I get when I try to use the program it goes to the end of the Copy process and then crashes.

I have downloaded a Trial version of the above program but when I try to use that I get a runtime error message.

Does anyone know what the likely problem with Vista may be and how I can overcome it.

Alternatively, can someone suggest a good program that will decrypt and copy a DVD.


I have Vista on both my machines. I use DVDFab, can I recommend it to you. Welcome to the forum.

Thanks C,

When I asked for advice I always listen to what I am told so you or anyone else can certainly make suggestions.

Can you tell me what version of DVD Fab that you are using please.

As to the copy program question I normally use DVD Copy Tools which works well on XP but not Vista