tried to install this game from an iso copy but it keeps saying it cant find
bge_ trailor.exe.
on disk 1 but it is clearly there when i look my self on the disk but wont show when i browse from setup

ISO back-up from a protected game won’t run

thanks for replying what do i do then

rip the cd again with something like blindread/write or alcohol…or mount the iso on a virtual disc

The game is tages protected. Don’t bother trying to copy it with conventional duping programs as it isn’t possible at this yime.

is it Tages protected everywhere?

I can’t say for certain but since I haven’t seen any reports of a successful back-up of this game anywhere, I believe so.


so Tages is becomming populair



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so Tages is becomming populair


damian [/B]

Yep here is also protected with Tages that game

Both “XIII” and “Beyond good and Evil” have that infamous protection; and waiting to release a method to backup them