XIII Protection ... **DARGAUD**?

Are there any BWA files for the XIII cd’s available? I can’t make good ones on my CDRW. If you have any please post them. I’m not sure if all 4 cd’s need them or just one of them.

the protection is not SecuRom so no BWA file is used…its a tricky one called TAGES which has got this community in a up-roar!!!

we will demolish this protection one day!!!

it is already known how to backup tages and there were already some backups… if it is really tages.

I don’t know if the Advanced Settings of the BW5Tweaker are already really used, but if so this would be the option to let you copy tages.

dont take my word for it, but i dont think tages needs a bwa file.
have you tried to make a backup with bw5?
did it work?

what about bW 4 's mulitple gap reading instead of nibble … might give that a whirl

did I say something about bwa file?

tages needs to read some sectors from beginning to end and from end to beginning and then combine these. Because the have same sector number but different content…

Some already made backups … but it is currently not possible with BW5… I only said that this option may later be your solution.

But if you ask one who is more advanced in Tages he could make you already a backup… because as said only reading the disc one time from begiinning to end and then from end to beginning and then to combine the sectors which are different … which means that you write both of them…

Originally posted by ghost_zero5
did I say something about bwa file?

If you’re reffering to me, then let me answer.
I wasn’t reffering to you :slight_smile:
I was reffering to the thread starter who said he had problems with making a bwa file.

I know how to defeat Tagés. Hey if i’m not mistaking, a friend of mine did a working backup of a Tagés protected game.


ah, ok.

I thought you were talking to me…

we did tages support since years ( motoracer 3 ) but it is not available to the public. we let clonecd does it, as they are the best :wink:
to be serious, we prefer to do starforce first.

hi there love your product,so do i also like clone cd,if u can back up Tages,then u should update it so we can back up our originals,never mind the other competitors,u said that u were able to back it up then i think that since we are behind u then let us have it also not only for closed members…thnkz.

if BlindWrite was able to do it they would have included it, after-all, as I see BlindWrite is one of the leading softwares that requires it’s users to pay cash every year for an upgrade, while Alcohol, CloneCD gives life time upgrades after initial purchase, so the way I see it, it’s in Blindwrites interest to include Tages as successful backup to continue getting the volume of users paying for it each year. On another note, I feel whatever protection it may be, securom,safedisc,Tages if you can back-it-up do it as soon as it comes out and Nip=It-In-The-Bud to the makers of the protection right from the get-go…

I know, but do it internally doesn’t mean so easy to do for everyone, to be able to detect it and have a reliable results. it takes several hours to rip it . and the result is not always good… so please be patient.

So technically you have the possibility, but it’s not reliable enough and so few games uses, making it better to focus on thing as development (Starforce 3, etc…)


no problem :slight_smile: