XGD3 vs SmartBurn settings (iHAS 124)



I’ve been burning DVDs since 2004 so I’m not really a noob, but I am confused about the SmartBurn (or EEPROM?) settings of my new LiteOn drive. I’m trying to backup some of my XGD3 discs (Xbox 360 games) but am having poor results. According to a guide on another forum, this is what I should do:

First clear OPC in EEPROM power cycle the drive and then try these settings


Layerbreak: Calculate optimal



It also states the following:

Important: You should only Clear OPC and power cycle the drive before the FIRST burn, on every other occation you should not touch any settings, one of the reasons for these tests was so users didn’t have to mess about with their drive settings before each burn.

Also With Smart Burn enabled the drive will memorise the last (EIGHT) burns and after this time will formulate a write stratagy best suited to the media, so if your getting slightly erratic but still decent to not acceptable, this is your drive formulating it’s write stratagy so please perservire with the same settings and burn some more discs.


To explain the OHT comment made at Result 8 basically when a Media is not recognized no burning strategy is available, therefore OHT and HT are AUTOMATICALY enabled by default, my understanding was that this could not be changed even if selected manually, as this right is lost when using unrecognized media, but Wind the member Lighting UK mentions actually works for LITEON and knows the manufacturer setting codes to disable such functions manually!!!, in this instance LIGHTNING UK is stating that by enabling FHT while also disabling OHT does in fact disable the OHT setting, so it really is quite a puzzle finding the correct settings as they may do more than you think.

So if I understand correctly, all of this is done because c4eva renamed the media code for MKM 003 in his special firmware, so that HT and OHT would automatically be used every time. But this hasn’t worked out well for many people, so they started looking for alternatives.

What I don’t understand is what OPC, SB, FHT and HT actually do (even though I read multiple explanations) and what the relation is to the “Clear OPC” setting and the 8 burns needed.

And now on to my questions… What exactly is learned over the course of 8 burns? Is this a process that happens continuously, or only during the first 8 burns after buying/flashing/… the drive? Can this function be disabled, paused or reset? How? Can you backup this information? How? Does the “Clear OPC” setting clear this information, or something else? What?

I’m currently at my 5th burn following the guide, but things don’t seem to be improving, so I need to figure this out somehow…