XGA vs VGA - Which one is best?

What’s the difference between these two types of monitors?

Are they interchangable?

Will a VGA monitor be sufficient if my Adobe Premeire Elements 2.0 calls for an XGA monitor?

I’ve already purchased both the monitor and the software.

VGA is 640x480 resolution and XGA is 1024x768. The monitor would have to be very old to only support VGA. Modern day monitors support at least XGA.

SVGA is 1024X768.
XVGA is 1280X1024.

No, that is all wrong
SVGA is 800x600
XVGA = no such thing, you mean XGA and it is 1024x768
SXGA is 1280x1024

As for the original question of whether or not Adobe Premiere will run, is the resolution specification a required one or recommended? If XGA is required then VGA won’t work, if it’s just recommended then VGA should work.

right, got mixed up!!

Under “System Requirements” the box says: 1024 x 768 16 bit XGA display.

you should be fine, I had a CRT from 1997 that supported 1280x1024

Thanks guys…I now know what they mean…I think.

Why is it when I set my display to the resolution of 1280 X 1024 the IE and web pages are displayed so small I can’t stand to view it?

I would hope the entire 17" monitor screen would be filled with IE or the web…but it’s not…who wants to look at a monitor that’s about 2/3rds full of display?

Am I doing something wrong here?