XFLASHX FIX for scrambled/compressed

HI, Just add the UPX modual (freeware) from upx.sourceforge.net to the SAME directory where you have XflashX located. That’s it!! Just run xflashx gui on the lite-on flash firmware and bingo! The binary firmware gets extracted just like the good ole days. If you already know this, please disregard…dave6508 PS I use version 1.25 UPX.exe modual.

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I’d be wary of using what you get by that method - didn’t they apply a second-level mangling to it?

If it was that easy, we wouldn’t be waiting for unscrambled releases.

Fortunatly, once in awhile somethings do get that easy. To verify the accuracy of this method, just use a file anylizer. Just compare the MD5 hash results from this method to the same firmware binary found from a reputable source. Like The Code Guys firmware section. In my case I compared the hash from this method on my Lite-on DVD 812s US0Q.bin (extracted from Lite-on’s main web site), which was [9E74980124CAF9977E871C5CE4DFF895]. Then I downloaded the same file from The Code Guys and compared the two. They were exactly the same. To the people that don’t know about MD5, it’s about like DNA anylisis. If two files have the same hash, they are the same byte for byte. The file anylizer I used was from Spybot Search and Destroy web site in there download section just called file anylizer (freeware). It’s very good, intergrates into your right click context menu (option). Hope this is the answer for some people…dave6508