XEBEncoder.exe Error Crash at encryption


First my System and Software Specifications:

  • Windows XP Professional SP2
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • Language: Deutsch
  • AMD Duron 1.2GHz
  • 384 MB RAM
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD 6
  • ratDVD 0.76.1408

My Problem:

  • ratDVD Crashes. see screenshot:

    It crashes at NO specific movie frame. always a different frame.

What i already tried to solve the problem:

  • i changed the language of ratDVD to english
  • i disabeled DEP
  • i reinstalled ratDVD
  • moved the ratDVD file to an other HDD (also the target path)

but now i don’t know what to do, to solve the problem. please help me.

sorry for my bad english again. i’m from germany =)


I was having the same problem with ratDVD except it occured as soon as I started ratDVD, never while encoding. For me it was because DEP was causing ratDVD to die so instead of turning DEP off i just added ratDVD to the DEP Exclusion list. But your problem is different, I was not able to even open up a DVD to try to encode. If this happens at random intervals while encoding I would suggest you run a memory tester for an hour or two. You can get a good memory tester at http://www.memtest.org/.

Just download the cd iso image and boot off of it. It’s a great little memory tester. I’m a PC tech contractor and i’ve used it to find bad memory in many machines that have had weird errors that wouldn’t seem to be memory related. It even detected bad memory in a Dell computer i was working on when the Dell Diagnostics tester said the memory was ok. :slight_smile: Not to mention on my home PC I had a similar problem encoding in Adobe Premier where it kept erroring out randomly or sometimes it would finish and it turned out to be bad memory that was only SLIGHTLY bad… so it was hard to tell.

Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile: