XCP Protection, Anyone?

Does anyone know how to get around XCP protection?

what scanner did you use?

I have never tested XCP since they always refuse to give me a sample, but from what I have read on their site it is just TOC based with possible software app. Try clone or alcohol depends on what they did to the TOC as they claim to inject errors on the first session, hence why it won’t be used in the US. I know I could rip & copy it, but not sure if I can tell you how to do it w/o seeing the disc and how it reads in different drives depends on your skill and hardware.

First thing I’d do is get a TOC FORCE READ of session 1 only, in plex tools you have to enable a session 1 read only and read in EAC since session 1 bits may have been illeglly changed to data.

Second I would try EAC, if the TOC is too screwed up I would use Clone and manually correct the TOC. You could also try alcohol which will correct the invalid data bits trick if they used that.

Un fortunatly their patent claims to use the P Channel, which obviously won’t play on DVD players nor can I see how this will do anything to computers…but w/o testing a disc got me my guess is they did something like I mentioned above and that should work…can’t do it w/o a plextor drive.

After a quick look & refresh of memory they are claiming their CP plays on DVD players, but not as Redbook but as VCD.

In order to acomplish this they would change the disc to data mode 2 = alcohol will fix some of it and should copy it, EAC won’t copy it and clone should fixing their currupt data maybe difficult.

That’s my guess as to what they did.

There may be an easier way but this is how I cracked XCP.

First, insert the disc (I used: A Static Lullaby) and hold the SHIFT key down for several seconds while closing the tray. I wait till drive activity stops before letting go of the SHIFT key. This bypasses the AUTORUN file.

At this point you can read the disc but can not see the audio files (only the data files). I was the able to use SONIC to easily make an “exact copy” of the disc. I did not try, but I assume this copy and any additional copies will work on all regular CD players.

The computer will not read the audio tracks on this disc either even when the SHIFT key is held when inserting. The copied disc does however have a gap on the outer part of the disc whereas the original does not.

I then took a Sharpie Pen and filled in the gap as well as a slight amount of the outer edge of the burned region. When I inserted the disc again (I did hold down the SHIFT key but I’m not sure it is needed at this point) the drive went spastic trying to read the data in the shaded in area but when the noise stopped, the data files were gone and I could read the Audio tracks. I ripped a copy to Windows Media player without difficulty. It sounds great and the player was even able to access the album info from the online source.

The great thing is I did not destroy my original. I may have been lucky to shade in just the right amount of area but it worked pretty well. My thought would be to shade a hair more of the outer edge of the burned area if the data files continued to appear. I definitely shaded the entire gap.

I know this is not very technical but it works. Look forward to seeing if this works for others.

I tried the same crack with the original “A Static Lullaby” disc. Using an erasable marker, I marked up the outermost tracks and it worked just like you said.

Even more amazing is that I had already used the CD and their software was already installed on my computer; I thought I was dead but your solution works even after the stuff was in my machine??!!

It worked so easily, I thought I’d try this crack with a copy protected Moderato CD that I’ve had for awhile. Not sure which copy protection is on this disc but there is an option to copy songs to my computer with that DRM cr*p. I want the music in MP3 format so I can put them wherever I want! I have also used this CD in my computer many times so I was hoping this would work anyway but no matter what I do the music keeps skipping (still protected) even with the felt pen trick…any ideas???

It took hours & hours but with trial and error with the marker I finally got my computer to ignore the data files. I was able to see just the Audio tracks in Windows Media player but they all played scrambled (WTF???)! I tried MusicMatch, RealPlayer and a bunch of others, then I tried SONIC and Clone CD but couldn’t copy the disc either. Anyway thanks for the help with XCP. Please LMK if there is a way to copy this other protection on Moderato ???

Has anybody figured out a more efficient means of cracking XCP? I got the new Foo Fighters 2-CD at work and can’t crack it to save my life! And, yes, I’ve held down shift… and, yes, I’ve tried using a marker (even on the very outside of the data ring)… XCP makes this thing unreadable not just on my work and home PC, but even my home stereo. I’ve even tried EAC .95 prebeta 3’s TOC detection, and THAT hasn’t even worked. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

Are you sure it is protected by XCP? As i said I have 2 CDs the “A Static Lullaby” disc is XCP the other one is not. So if the marker doesn’t work I don’t think it’s XCP :frowning:

I am still trying to copy my CD called “Moderato” that isn’t XCP it is some other copy protection and I bet that is what the Foo Fighters is :frowning: It sux ass :a

If you or anyone can figure this out please help!

Foo Fighers new CD uses MediaMax CD3 Copy-Prevention System. Workaround is in part 3 of this document.

I was just about to post something about the new Foo Fighters CD… I got the DualDisc edition, which I have heard has no protection, but I’m still having the darndest time ripping it, I think it has to do with my Plex trying to read a part of the CD side that isn’t usually covered up, but is because of the label they use. I’ll try it in some “dumber” drives later today to see if that works…

Anyway, I think I’ve run into XCP once on Acceptance’s “Phantoms” CD (Same label as A Static Lullaby - Columbia Records) and… It didn’t do anything. My PX-712A handled it fine, as did a friend’s PX-708A and NEC 3520.

What CD Recording software was used? which SONIC one? Because I tried copying using SONIC RecordMAX and it copied it exactly the same with the protection on the new CD but I could not notice any difference or any gap on the CD to felt tip in?

lol you Windoze people.

I have never had a problem with XPC, infact I didnt even realize I had any CD’s that used XPC because at work I use linux exclusively and always used GRIP to rip MP3’s. It wasnt until I lent a CD to someone to copy they had a problem. Thats when I discovered XPC.

Solution: Install Linux and use GRIP to rip the CD’s.
Dont want to install linux?
Solution: (IF you have two CD Drives) Use Knoppix. Its a LIVE installation of Linux that runs off a CD and installs NOTHING on your Windoze hard drive.

  1. Download it here: http://www.knoppix.org/
  2. Burn to CD, restart and boot using the CD. The distro will recognize your Windoze harddrive as HDA1 or HDA.
  3. Insert audio CD into second CD Drive.
  4. Launch GRIP.
  5. When ripping select HDA as your destination.
  6. Finish ripping, restart computer and remove Knoppix CD before it autoboots.
  7. Let Windoze boot and browse to your C drive, viola’, all your nice MP3’s are sitting right there.

Isnt it great that linux doesnt support DRM?

What a fantastic response.
We should change to an OS that won’t allow us to do 99% of what most people who frequent this forum do (ie. Play Games).
Fantastic advice there buddy.

Looks like you were so keen to flame “Windoze”, you forgot how to spell and abandoned all reason.
Seems you are also a little confused.
XCP is NOT DRM. And are you really so sure that linux can play DRM protected content?

Hi markmark69, I installed Knoppix and booted of it, but were is GRIP :expressionless: its not pre installed, I did download a copy but am having big difficulties installing it :expressionless: ??? help :slight_smile:

Haha, seriously though… The one notable thing I did was started EAC before inserting the CD, which disables any kind of Autoplay which might be some kind of DRM troublemaker. If you use a program like Sonic or whatever (not familiar with it) and do a disc to disc copy, of course it’ll copy the protection. Rip it with EAC, then tell us if you have any problems.

tehGrue, how would i rip it with EAC? u mean copy the CD with EAC? if yes how would that be done??

Well, all EAC really does is rip CDs. It’s tough to do other things with it.

The felt tip pen trick is 100%, but maybe also SONIC RecordMAX works? I don’t have that software, what’s the link? Can i download it?

EAC has a create image option use that but it won’t work w/o the felt pen trick.

HQS: just go to google and type in SONIC RecordMAX and yes u can download trial from the website if i remember correct :slight_smile:

I installed EAC and instert cd it recognising all tracks but does not let me rip using hte programming all the buttons are disable expect write cd?

Where is hte create image option in EAC?