XCP copy protection


I just found out the new Marilyn Manson will use XCP copy protection. I’ve never heard of this protection before. I always listen to my music on my computer (have all my cds ripped onto it). Anyone know if this is bypassable? I have a liteon dvd 166s. Hopefully the rumors won’t be true because I really want this cd but I REFUSE to buy it if I can’t listen to it on my pc. Thanks in advance for any help.

Where have you found that information?

Are there any more details describing the copy protection?

i have a cd that has the XCP protection. xcp is made by this company First4internet xcp-aurora heres a quote from the press section which has alot of good info about it

XCP provides five layers of protection: alternative driver software provided by the disc while it’s in the PC drive, the aforementioned proprietary player software (which is available for Mac OS 9 and X as well as all versions of Windows from 95 up to XP), proprietary protection of the data session as an additional defence against disc-cloning software, modified TOC encoding, and what F4i describes as “generic” copy-control software to prevent ripping of Red Book content. According to Gilliat-Smith, other player software and ripping won’t see an XCP-protected CD in the computer drive. Furthermore, each run of manufactured discs has its own unique copy protection, so a crack on one run won’t affect any others. “It would be unrealistic to say that our solution won’t ever be ripped, because there are some very clever people out there,” he says. “However, it is an extremely robust solution, much stronger than anything else has been out there in the marketplace.”

the tracks show up as data in all apps that can read the cd. i’ve tried just about every trick and app out there. i have though managed rip the tracks with eac > detect toc, but some become all fubar’d like the size of the file/tracks times inflate or vice versa. the tracks become like mergered together as one but show in eac as seperate tracks. making images w/ different profiles and such havent seemed to work. i’m using an acer 8x and a toshiba dvd. the acer is the one that can rip the tracks, the dvd drive cant find a correct read mode. but i feel i’m close. any ideas/insight would be greatly appreciated.


anybody with a lite-on or plextor tried to rip one of these?? I really want this cd :(. I hope it’s just the pre-release review copies that have this protection.

I guess ripping them with a Plex or Lite-on and CDRWIN in extract sector mode (save as .wav) should do it.
(eg: “extract from sector 0 to sector 300000, Datatype: Audio 2352”)
You’ll end up with one big .wav file that needs cutting into individual tracks though.

Not 100% sure it’ll work, since I don’t have an XCP-protected cd.
(it works fine with Key2audio and cactus)


could you please tell us
a) the title of the CD,
b) the artist,
c) the record company / label
d) record manufacturer (ref. to the inner ring of the disc, e.g. Sony DADC, sonopress, …)
e) and the country where you bought it.

I guess I neeeeed it, too!


As I mentioned a few months ago, can you change your sig: it’s disordered!

Originally posted by Namoh

As I mentioned a few months ago, can you change your sig: it’s disordered! [/B]

Man, something’s wrong w/ your browser 'cause the table and its contents are aligned on my browser. Running WinXP’s IE6 w/ CrazyBrowser add-on btw.

Back to topic. I hope other record companies don’t follow suit. Well, I guess you could dub it w/ your CD deck player’s optical out.

Originally posted by Namoh

As I mentioned a few months ago, can you change your sig: it’s disordered! [/B]

it seems if you maximize your browser (or atleast IE) it fixes the problem.

nevermind, that static is where the first track is supposed to be.

What CD drive & clone version did you use to copy the XCP disc ? I have a Plextor 40/12/40 A and version of clone and have been unsuccesful.

As XORFF asked, Rapcore and Bob Croucher, which CD(s) taht have the XCP protection did you use. Is the (upcoming) Marilyn Manson CD the only one or are there alternatives. Like to get my hand on a copy to do some testing.

There are more cds going around with this XCP protection. Mostly promos i think though. It shouldnt completely be the hardware. With software u should be able to do alot. At least thats what im thinking. And normally im never wrong :slight_smile:
What are ur thoughts on this ?

Sounds like the track times were modified in the TOC currupting the Redbook. Does the CD play on DVD players, mainly the PlayStation 2?

I have an XCP disc - my first - and I’ve been unable to extract it, or worse, even listen to it in any of the devices I have at my disposal. It won’t play or rip on my LiteOn 1213S, or my Pioneer 106 DVD-ROM drive. It won’t play on my XBOX or my aging Samsung 709 DVD player. I’ve not tried it in the car.

The irony is that it’s a Greatest Hits CD of a well known artist - a promotional copy because I review CDs. The result is that I can’t actually do my job and review it (because I don’t currently have a stand alone CD player available to me) and the tracks are already widely available to download, having, y’know, been on the artist’s other albums.

I’ve tried CloneCD, EAC, Alcohol, Nero… nothing is making any difference. It seems to see 19 data tracks (Mode 2?) but I’m having no joy at all - anyone got any suggestions?

may I humbly recommend using Isobuster if EAC doesn’t work. yet to find anything that can defeat it. I have even managed to make perfect copies of teh CD’s itself to another CD WITH the CD PROTECTION ON IT!!

I have never been able to get my hands on an XCP disc, but if it won’t play on Xbox OR Playstation 2 console + it always displays as a data disc mode 2 in the computer then it is an “Illegle TOC”.

This is simular to SunnComm’s MediaCloQ and not every drive is going to rip it, and it is a pain to correct it.

You’re better off downloading the mp3s for your review unless you want to spend a lot of time with this.

You have to have a good drive and try EAC v0.95pb3’s TOC retrieval/reconstruction features. Other versions of EAC are less effective because the author is afraid of being pursued legally under the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act.

I purchased a CD for my wife “Kalan Porter - 219 Days” and she wanted to have the songs put on her mp3 player for the gym. I quickly found that I was unable to. I did some poking around and discovered that the CD used XCP protection as well.

I just orderd the CD, will have a report soon.