XCP Copy-Protected CD



I’m new here and probably not as computer-literate as most of you so sorry if this question sounds ignorant. I obtained some CD’s from work that are promo copies (legally, I intern at a record label) and am just trying to rip them to my computer so I can put them on my mp3 player to listen to (I have no intention of spreading these across the net). Problem is, my computer won’t read the CD as having audio files but rather, just having a few data files on it. Any suggestions?



Hi Phil. This may sound rather ignorant, but have you tried viewing the CD’s tracks with a program such as Exact Audio Copy? Audio files usually will not appear if there is a Data track also onto the CD. (explorer will show you the data files, not the audio ones).



Hi I had a promo and am sought of having the same problem with ISO Buster and Exact AUdio Copy it is able to see the data files as tracks but won’t let me rip them :frowning:


for XCP: easy cd-da Action->Read Table of Contents->Sub-Code Analyze. after brief pause for analysis, you should now see tracks differentiated bw data and audio, the last one being data (the one you would “black out” with a marker). select the audio tracks, enable some sort of error recovery, and copy.
this method worked, creating a perfect copy of an advance XCPd disc (using this method along with “error recovery” selected under cd-reader tab of settings dialog (not with “recovery and repair” though). try messing around with error recovery +/- the “repair” option if this does not work. also, try “session analyze” if the sub-code analysis does not produce the desired results.

i tried for hours all the other programs and methods; this worked only after i removed my drive and replaced it with an older aopen justlink (“LiteOn”). i am interested to know if this works for other difficulties…