Xcopy help

Hi All,
As a newbie you know I’m after some help so here goes
DVD is Emrex usb2 external 8X
tried the nero software that came with the burner but it does’t work, says the film is copyrighted BLAR BLAR, so aquired software xcopy express. this will copy to disc when i start the burn process it fails when I checked the dvd build file this is what I found
Writing track 1 to the recorder.
; 2161680 frames of size 2048 in track 1 = 4222 MB.
; 1984 frames of size 2048 written.
;ERROR: Write operation was not successful.
;Power on or bus reset reported by DVD recorder.
;Driver error code = 02062900h.
;The disc is not successfully recorded.
;Generator module closed.
;Generator initialization.
;Recorder module closed.

can anyone help me as to whats wrong


Use DVD Shrink, its free and easy. Burn with Nero. All is well.

Thanx zazonz does shrink get round the encryption problem