Xclio power supply any good?

Has anyone actually used one of these power supplys? Acording to infor here they are made by fortron but acording to info found on another site they were made by channel well based on the ul info. Either way they are both good companies but has anyone actually used or tested one? I know I should just stick with antec or fortron (or maybe enermax) but I need two power supplies and am On a tight budget. I want to get something very reliable with stable voltage but of course cannot afford the best. So am I stupid for considering other power supplies? These xclio ones are pretty cheap on newegg but I wonder if they are any good?

xcilio psu’s are solid. channel well makes most antec psus so ur safe

Thanks for the info. I decided on an enermax whisper 2 (I really like the redesigned whispers) but I still need another power supply on top of that so I’ll consider the xcilio. I’m farmiliar with channel well and if it is made by them it probably is pretty good.