Xcard player freezes

Hello, new to this community, since I just got my first DVD burner…

I have a Xcard from some time ago, and it worked in my old computer/drive without problems at all. Now I built a new system and I got a SH-S182D, but can’t play nothing in the Xcard player. Nero showtime works fine tho, but not the hardware’s player. Even more, the program freezes and the PC crashes. I’ve done some things already, flashed with different firmwares, reinstalled everything, but no success so far.

Any help here?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

The hell. People still use those. It is probably conectivty. I whould just invest on a new card.

Why do you even bother trying to get it to work?

Yeah, well I was trying to make it work basically because I don’t have another solution for now, unless I use the TV out connector of my video card (8800 GTS). The Xcard is a very nice DVD decoder card. It’s the end of the road for it because Sigma dropped support for Vista, and I’m starting to look for a replacement. But I wanted to make it work before I install vista, maybe in a month or 2.

Anyway, which DVD decoder card you advice me to get?

BTW, sorry for not including my specs. Now on signature.

What’s wrong with Dscaler’s DVD Decoding or ffdshow’s?

Nothing, just want a PCI card besides the video card to handle my DVD viewing, since they have better video quality (image definition, use all the TV screen, digital video out, etc)