Xbox's With Emulators

:confused:I Don’t Know Where To Go, Or How To Get An Xbox With An Emulator Chip In It. Can Somebody Help Me Out?

emulator chip? In an old XBox 1 or in a Xbox 360?

I have never ever heard of an emulator chip in any kind of Xbox.

The old Xbox 1 has a MAME software port though, so it can emulate a lot of coin-op systems.

yeah… if he’s taking about a XBox1 console. all he needs to do is softmod it, which is 100percent free if your using XBoxHDM + nDure etc (although it requires you open up the console and connect it’s hard drive to the PC etc etc)

there is no real need for a modchip on a XBox1 console anymore especially if your not planning on upgrading it’s hard drive. even if he is, you can still do it with a softmod xbox if the hard drive can be locked to the mobo etc.