XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) 16 JAN 2007 SVN rev7667 build - T3CH

Special Notes and Noteworthy/XML/Script changes:

  • I’m including a package of “Picture Icons” for use with new TuxBox Client, see _tools/PictureIcon.rar.
  • I’m including a preview (070117) of the new mplayer Elupus is working on, report issues here. It’s located in the TEST subfolder, simply replace the 2 files in XBMC/system/players/mplayer/ if you want to help Team XBMC test it.
  • Since I haven’t seen any newer version of AMT than 0.93.5, I applied the fix floating around so atleast it works now.
  • I also tweaked the win32 run_me_first.bat so it runs and then unmounts the virtual drives when you exit.
  • I’m also including the ‘XBMC Win32 PC environment’ .exe that is meant for skinners & python developers, read more about the concept here. It was built using Microsoft DirectX Summer 2004 SDK.

Here’s the added stuff since the 2007-01-09 SVN Rev7554-proper Build:

  • added: new node in video library: directors (nuke your db!) added: search in video library window.
  • added: getxbeid and getxbetitle function to httpapi
  • added: XboxMediaCenter TuxBox Client (only Enigma Based set-top boxes are supported!) For more informations, check the forum!
  • added: Internet Threaded Detection if the XBOX is on line or not! Very Simple and Dirty!
  • added: ListItem.IsSelected boolean condition.
  • added: new video database scheme added: new set content dialog for the video section changed: better usage of .nfo files for movie lookups added: drop-in scraper support for movie content - see system/scrapers/imdb.xml changed: video library now filters on lockstate of bookmarks again
  • added: align and aligny attributes to tag to allow alignment within the defined box.
  • added: [ 1618284 ] advancedsetting option to change album sort by artist to sort by year as well.
  • added: New attributes topleft, topright, bottomleft and bottomright to <colordiffuse> - allows different vertices to have different diffuse colors. eg <colordiffuse bottomright=“00ffffff” bottomleft=“00ffffff”>ffffffff</colordiffuse> will fade to transparent at the bottom of the image.
  • added: Repeat/Random to playercontrols in PM3
  • added: exposed the virtual keyboard’s SetHiddenInput() method to the python keyboard object. Useful for password entry,
    For the full changelog (fixed/changed/updated stuff)


XBMC TuxBox Stream Client

The TuxBox Stream Client will only work with Enigma Based TuxBox images, this includes Dreambox and Dbox2!

Dbox2 Users with Neutrino Images: to use the XBMC TuxBox Client you must switch to a Enigma based images! I Recommend the PB-Enigma images from:


or Enigma Based Images from other groups for the Dbox2!

How does it work?

You just create a share with the Tuxbox IP adress and login informations.
On Opening, the client will receive the Bouquet + Channel list… and on select a channel , it will begin to stream… it will also display Current and Next Events. EPG, Recording and other usefull things and Information will be add. later!

The Share will be:

hello I found these forums from doing a google search on dbox2 and xbox =) this is what I’ve been looking for. I have a dbox2 with commando6 and I’m running a XBMC script called “dbox2xbox tv viewer” I think.
Its good, but not stable enough I cant record tv shows =(

So I would like to give this ago got the XBMC u linked to but I cant find an English version of of that enigma images u also linked to =(.

plus is the images any good on its own as I do find cammando very good so far have had no probs with it =)