XBox360 GameBackup's Burn Speed?

ok i should have searched forums first but the heck with it since i dont think my question would be directly answered anyways. lol. :wink:

but anyways my question is can i burn xbox360 games @ 4x cause thats the max speed of my burner (my burner is lite-on 1673S - JS0D firmware slightly modified) … im fairly sure 2.4x will work since someone on xbox-scene forums had a lite-on 1693S drive and his appeared to work @ 2.4x burn speed but that takes like roughly 45minutes to burn a disc, right? :frowning: … thats why i was hoping 4x would work cause it would cut back on burning times quite a bit i think… can anyone confirm if my burner can burn a xbox360 game backup disc @ 4x?

reason i ask is cause verbatim dvd+r DL disc’s aint cheap @ around 2 dollars a piece :frowning: (but there the best from what i heard for xbox360 backups and just in general) this is why i dont want to waste discs if possible.

ill be using ImgBurn to burn the discs as this looks like a good program and works well for xbox360 discs and just in general.

o yeah and also… my xbox360 has the samsung (ms28 firmware) dvd-rom drive in it.

p.s. i know PIONEER (forgot exact model) is the best burner for 360 games but i would rather avoid buying that if possible.

thanks for everyones time :wink:

It takes roughly 45-60min to burn a disc at 2.4x

I think it is worth to burn the disc at 2.4x.I heard a lot of burners have hard time burning Double layer media.

If you have extra money, you can do some test. 1st, try to burn it at 4x and check the Quality using KProbe and cdspeed.

If the Max PIF is 4 or below and the max PI is below 280.

Do another 1 or two more burn at 4x and check it again. If they are good, then you can burn your games at 4x in the future. If it doesn’t, use 2.4x :slight_smile:

Hope that help.

That kind of calc isridiculous.
Compare it with the price of an ORIGINAL!!!

@ ahtze … thanks for your help… i think ill most likely stick with 2.4x then, but you got some good points about the testing… so basically if the PIF and PIE is good then it should be fine… odds are ill stick with 2.4x to be safe but if i feel like burning up money ill probably do those tests… also what time frame does it take to burn a disc @ 4x anyways? … cause if it aint much better i dont think ill worry about burning @ 4x.

with regular discs (dvd+r) i get quality burns so i know my regular dvd burns are well within “good limits” as far as kprobe etc go… but if i where to guess since my burner is somewhat older now as far as dual layer goes, the disc quality scans could vary quite a bit i suppose.

@ chef … you got a good point, but then again dual layer aint exactly cheap now is it? :wink: … so wasting a few of those (dvd+r dl) i wont be happy cause that adds up quick.

anyways thank you guys for your time i appreciate it :wink: … anyone else want to add comments feel free to do it.

p.s. hopefully someone with my burner can confirm if it works well or not.

also on a side note… is it generally better for a dvd burner in general to burn at higher speeds with quick burning times or lower speeds with longer burn times? (im asking this cause im wondering if it’s generally bad for a burner to be burning for like 45min-1hour straight, dont seem like it will be good for the laser (im not worry about anything else cause i already know 8x is generally best to burn standard media etc and 12x in some cases) )

Check out this thread.

I burn it at 2.4x and look at the result. Its almost perfect :smiley:

I had used the Burner(new LH-20A1H for almost the whole day) burning and testing the Quality. I am not sure if that will make the drive die faster though :confused:

I never try 4x for Double layer disc too.

In my opinion, if you burn a better quality disc, your 360 will able to read it easily and will not give too much stress to the laser and will probably last longer. If the quality of the disc is bad, you will make the drive in 360 a hard time reading it and eventually the drive will die faster.

I don’t think your Burner play longer than the drive you use in your 360. So, I think you don’t have to concern about it is better for the DVD to burn at higher speed.
Higher speed burning = bad for 360, and the drive might die faster. 360 is more expensive than DVD burner. You know what I mean :slight_smile:

Just wrong assumption.
With the right burner the MKM001 rated at 2.4x can be burnt at 4x or 6x without getting worse results than with 2.4x.
Even 8x is possible, but not recommended.

Maybe I will try to burn at 4x or 6x speed. :slight_smile: Affraid >.>

I burn my xbox 360 games on verbatim dvd+dl 2.4x @6x and the results are far better than @4x or 2.4x, and the console doesn’t complain, even reads better that way.

With what brand/model burner?

Both Plextor 760A and LiteOn LH-20A1H

Rakter, can you post the scans here for your LH-20A1H burn?

If possible, compare 2x and 6x please :slight_smile:

Hum, and now what game did i burn with the liteon? loool.
When i get another xbox game, i’ll burn it on the liteon and post the scan.

okie. Hope that won’t be too long :stuck_out_tongue:

cool thanks for the info ill wait for him to post his results… although i wonder if my drive has upto date DL burning codes like his drive does… if it does im guessing i should have similar results to his “LH-20A1H” lite-on… right?, or can it vary wildly.

im looking forward to more scans/comments etc… keep on posting people :wink:

p.s. the disc i ordered are here…

20 Packs Cake Box… be prepared for bad burns and coasters…

your joking right? … i thought all verbatim’s where good pretty much?

this a april fools thing? … i sure hope so.

That wasn’t funny >.>

Check out my Scan at the following thread.

Max PI = 11, Max PIF = 2. Its Verbatim+R DL from 20 packs cake box

@ ahtze … i figured something was funny there … cause your scan was borderline perfect :wink: … im feeling a little better now… thanks for posting that.

@ ahtze … i noticed in that thread you got a 1635S drive … can u burn a dual layer on that and see what happends @ 4x? (or dont that drive do 4x?) … cause if that drive works well with dual layer media @ 4x i almost for sure wont have any issues :wink:

thanks for your time.


Read in the BLANK MEDIA section and you’ll see that this wasnt a joke.