Xbox360 game burning

Hi all im new to this & i have just got a xbox360 thats flashed so iv downloaded a few games but im totaly confused on how to get them from the rar files to a dvd that i can just put in my 360 & it will run,

I have a DVD DL burner & DL DVD’s but how do i get from file to done dvd?

Image below of 2 of the games & the files they come like…

well if you downloaded the games your going to get in trouble in these forums.

but IF you make them yourself from your own originally owned games then you basically just download imgburn and then load the .dvd file into imgburn when it’s in ‘mode>write’ and then burn it at either 2.4x or what i use which is 4x.

and then that’s that :wink:

[B]@oowhiteoo:[/B] No help here for download commercial games. See the rules here:

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