XboX360 burning problems. Disc is only 5mb after burn



So I tried burning a backup of a 360 game and everything seemed to go fine. The ISO file is around 6 gigs. I used the .dvd file and clone cd to burn the ISO and it took about 40 mins at 2x. Looking at the DVD it physically looks like there is date out the the edge. Problem is when I re insert the DVD into my pc it says it is only 5mb and it contains an Audio_ts and Video_ts file like a video dvd. I don’t have my xbox to test it on because it is in the process of being modded but I am guessing I have my first coaster. Whats the deal? I own the game but it has become unplayable so the file I am trying to burn is downloaded. Did I get a bad copy? The ISO file is huge but even when I mount it with 120% it says it is only 5mb.


well if you need help try … but if you dont own originals they cant help you.

i would offer some more advice but i aint sure if i can offer to much help since even though u said you got the original… i aint sure about the ‘downloaded’ stuff so i wont say more for now :wink:

p.s. you could have moded it yourself! :wink: … it’s not hard if you have a desktop pc.

cause with this… … it will basically mod any modable xbox360 to date (besides hitachi 79 drives which require soldering)


xbox discs cannot be read in a standard pc drive it will only show 5mb not the original 7.05gb
I suggest you do a bit of research on the net regarding kreon flashed dvd drives 1st !!:doh:


its simple dvd copy with nero burn at 4x works everytime