Xbox360 burning problem pro help needed

Hi ive just joined this forum today ive been reading for a long time.
I have been trying to burn xbox360 games they burn sucsessfully but they dont play in the console here is some info.

I use a laptop

The drive i have is slimtype esau108 external dvd drive

I have changed the booktype for DVD+R DL media to current setting

I use imgburn

ive set the layer break correctly

I select the .dvd file

I write at 2x and 2.4x

Also i use Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL (used all 10 all not working) :frowning:

My Xbox360 has ixtreme 1.51 and plays other backups (not done by me) perfectly

The Xbox360 drive is Hitachi

The games i have tried to burn have all passed through ABGX360

All progams are shut while i burn and the laptop is left alone only touched to see process

Everything burns sucsessfully but does not play in xbox360.

PLEASE help some advice is needed ive watched all sorts of tutorials and read enough posts to make my eyes bleed (at least i think i have)

the games i am burning are for backup only not for illiegal purposes all xbox360 games i want to burn i own the originals (ALL OF THEM)
really some pro help with this:cop:

laptop is DELL INSPIRON 1525

ok so the problem is solved it was down to my xbox360 laser got it renewed and wella everything now works only now i have 5 backups of the same game but everything is fine now