Xbox360 and nec 3550A

is a nec 3550 a good xbox360 backup burn??

which is the best firmware ??

How many xbox 360 originals do you have and what are the titles?

Hehe, first you have to create a backup…

i have about 45 titles
that a want to burn on playable disks(verbatim)

Is your XBox 360 modded? It must be to run backups… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

yes of course…
im waiting on my verbatim dvd…
and i have a nec3550 and a philips8801 … untouched firmwares on it
and i dont know what “modded” firmware to use on my dvd burners …

You have to use DVD+R DL discs, the booktype needs to be changed to DVD-ROM. On DVD-R DL discs you can’t, just a tip. I’m using a NEC 3550 to backup my 360 discs on Traxdata discs and it’s working great. My firmware is 1.Y6 and I’m using CloneCD to burn my backups.

/Dr. D

thanks for good information…where can i get the 1.Y6 firmware?
and last question, what dvd drive in the xbox360 and which firmware??

i have a hitatchi v59 with garysop…

sorry i found the firmware but which are you using ( org or rpc1?)

I use RPC 1, and my drive is a Hitachi 0059DJ.

I use RPC 1, and my drive is a Hitachi 0059DJ.

ok thanks ill try it out as soon as possible…

Either you have too much money or this is something related to things not appropriate to be discussed in this forum at all…

thanks dr death…i upgraded my 3550 to 1.y6 rcp1
and the xbox360 disk works fine…

I’m having no success in burning 360 backups to +DL’s with NEC 3540 A. All coasters. How do I find out it’s the burner, cause it has been used intensifly for normal DVD-R 's but this is the first time I burn DVD+R DL’s, and not the PC itself? Tried both CloneCD and ImgBurn

Read post #3 and it that’s not helpful then please also tread the cdf forum rules.

I see I’ve awakened a very old post!

I just wished to know - I have a NEC 3550A, and an LG Super-Multi SecurDisc. I have all these beautiful original XBOX 360 games, that I’d like to back up and play. My XBOX is modded, and backed-up games work (my best friend came over and lent me his backups!)

Is there any way I could use either of these DVD-ROMs to back up my originals? I’ve tried XBOX Backup Creator, to no avail. I just want to extract the image; I’m all okay from there.

Thanks a lot!

Read this:

/Dr. Death

So far I’ve managed to burn with sucess the following with an un-modified NEC ND3550A (No firmware updates).

Super Street Fighter IV
Capcom Digtal
Alan Wake:
Mortal Kombat
The Walking Dead
Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Grand Theft Auto V
La Noir
Sega Rally.
Tomb Raider
Devil May Cry 5
Forza Horizon.